Acer cuts laptop shipments in Apple iPad’s post-PC world

“Acer’s significantly lowered estimates include full-size notebooks as well, part suppliers divulged Monday night,” Electronista reports.

“The PC builder is now planning to drop its total notebook shipments from 6.4 million to 5.4 million,” Electronista reports. “About 80 percent of the drop slipped out to Digitimes is the original netbook plan, but 20 percent will come from regular portables.”

Electronista reports, “The lowered notebook shipments can largely be blamed on the iPad. Apple’s tablet has been mostly blamed for a steep drop in netbook sales for Microsoft as a whole as users either bought an iPad instead or decided to replace an existing netbook with [an iPad] instead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revolutionary iPad.

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  1. You know, I’m sure iPad is having a dramatic impact. But Apple is also selling more and more MacBooks of all types. So Acer’s laptop pain is not ALL because of iPad.

    Apple is going after the Windows world from all angles.

    1. I would guess that (at least in part) a lot of people are buying iPads instead of netbooks that would have been 2nd pc’s, then when they upgrade their main computer they’re buying a Mac. It will only get worse for regular manufactures when iOS devices don’t need a computer anymore, although I feel apple will fair better as there still is value in bigger screens and the desktop environment, and iOS devices really promote Macs.

    2. actually… People who would buy Acerbic laptops, would never consider getting a MacBook due to price differences. However, the iPad is much closer to the price of a netbook and has most of the functionality many of those same people need.

      So, in fact, slower sales of cheaper notebooks and netbooks can be attributed to the iPad, regardless of how well Apple’s laptops are doing.

  2. I have been on vacation for a few days visiting my mother who’s in her 70s. We bought her first iPad this weekend so that we can Facetime. When buying it, the Apple store was filled with nothing but old folks who were being trained how to use their new iPads. Their smiles were huge and they had no problems figuring things out. It’s not like we didn’t all know this, but Apple has an enormous winner here. It’s great to watch. Maybe Wall Street will open their eyes soon…

    1. That’s an incredible story, one that needs to be documented and broadcast.

      I publish a small newsletter to a group that includes a lot of retired folks. Most people get it via PDF but many older people just don’t want to deal with downloading and printing it, so I have to send them a paper copy through the USPS.

      However, it seems that about ten or 12 people have recently gotten iPads who have accessed the newsletter online and have told me they no longer need the printed version. Oh happy day!

      1. Customer told me today they were so impressed with my iPad and presentation they purchased one …..

        Turns out the guy is a small engine pilot and his box of navigation charts are now on the iPad – He is ecstatic to say the least and is ditching his BlackBerry for an iPhone and he asked me today do we use Macs at our company – yep we sure do … He then asked about software and of course I said no issue ….. He will probably buy an iMac before too long also ….

        Gotta love it …. Apple is the only company that has a million unpaid sales people working daily for them who love Apple products, cause they work …..

  3. Acer has historically been a bottom feeder manufacturer, I mean cheap machines that were largely throw-away devices.

    The last couple of years they really stepped up their game and started producing much nicer systems with a better build quality.

    Now the iPad and revitalized Apple comes through and steam rolls any ‘growth’ they might have seen. I think its fitting for a company like Acer myself 🙂

  4. I’ve bought the whole gamut of laptops from HP to Acer in an attempt to find the best of price vs performance manufacturer. HP are slightly more durably built than Acer but are still crap at the end of the day. 

    The Acer on the other hand fell apart and refused work within six months of purchase. Brought it in to be repaired – failed within two months after that. Real turkey. 

    The initial price point is cheap but when you look at the total cost of ownership Macs are by far ahead of the curve. If you disregard the higher initial purchase price and compute the overall use you get out of it including a fuss free OS that you don’t have to spend time tinkering over then the TCO works out several magnitudes in favour of the Mac. 

    I don’t find it surprising that Acer’s sales numbers are tanking. The quality problem turns away many second time buyers.

    1. Exactly.

      And the other manufacturer’s boxes are priced like junk because they’re junk. If Acer or HP or Dell *could* charge more, they would. But they can’t.

      If all you require is little more than a junk system and want to spend as little as you can — which is the case for legions of people — then HP / Dell / Acer boxes are the way to go.

  5. Acer has consistently denied that its business is being hurt by iPad sales. Things like consumer buying cycles, the future transition of Windows 7 to Windows 8, tight cash flow in corporations, etc. have been the reasons why their notebook sales have slowed. In fact, they’re not sure if Apple is actually selling as many iPads as they are claiming and Apple itself is seeing sales dry up but are concealing the fact. Besides, why would Acer admit to its own products being hurt by iPad sales because it might show their own blatant incompetence in judging the computer market.

  6. I love my Acer Notebook, and I’ve never had any problems with it. The notebook is light, easy to use and it has been great as I’ve been working my way through school. Something that I love is that I can go to the acer parts store, and present them with any questions or issues that have come up and they have answers for me. And not only do they have answers, but they are super happy to help me with my questions.

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