Replacements for Apple’s iDisk, Gallery, and iWeb publishing

“Apple will introduce iCloud services this fall, and will kill its popular iDisk Gallery and iWeb services in 2012, leaving many searching for an alternative,” Jonny Evans writes fro Computerworld. “Apple hasn’t clarified if iCloud document sharing will offer iDisk’s features, and most don’t expect it to. Gallery and iWeb are also being cut — how will you replace them?”

Replacing iDisk:
• Dropbox
• SugarSync
• Carbonite

Replacing iWeb:
• Sandvox
• Rapidweaver
• Freeway

Replacing Gallery:
• Apple’s Photo STream
• flickr
• Facebook

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  1. iWeb app is not going away, as far as I understand. Just hosting. As far as Apple updating iWeb app itself after 2011, I’m still unsure about that one.

      1. I really love iWeb, and will be sad if it does get left behind…

        My intranet in work has got me so much praise (made in iWeb), people constantly ask me how I’m able to create such great pages and publish them so quickly!

        1. … I’ve used iWeb to post some … frivolous … web sites with photos or videos (see for an example) that would be too big to send via e-mail. RapidWeaver is a solid product, be not nearly as quick and easy as iWeb for these fairly complex sites … complex especially for the limited amount of input required of the user! RapidWeaver can let the user – especially a modestly-skilled user – do a lot more, but they have to work a bit more for it.

          1. iWeb is dead, dead, dead! Don’t believe the hopeful who suggest Apple will continue supporting it; they are merely rationalizing their vain hopes.

            Apple will not continue updating iWeb, any more than MS is going to invest in FrontPage. There’s absolutely no profit in it. iWeb and Frontpage were created during the “create your own website” boom which has been totally undercut by *free* alternatives such as FaceBook, MySpace, Flicker, etc, which include other benefits such as social networking and picture galleries as well.

            Now I have to figure out how to break this to my 74 year old uncle who bought his Mac because of the “easy factor”, spent 2 years learning iWeb to build our family site, now has no option but to learn another way. He can’t fathom thing like FTP or hosting. He just wants a button that says “Upload this to .Mac”. I’m betting he’ll just give up. Can’t blame him.

            1. … he need to learn another piece of software? If he was going to “become” a serious web designer, most certainly. It seems to me, though, that he will continue on in his current mode. His current software should be just fine for him, unless “someone” updates his OS beyond the support level. So … DON’T.

  2. Is this a joke? Replacing photos on Gallery is to post them on Facebook? Next I suppose the writer will propose replacing the going to be phased out MacBook with the Google Chromebook. Will my photos be subjected to pokes now?

  3. One of the reasons I have used Macs is the generally complete integration of features. MobileMe provided that integration for the three features that apparently will no longer be supported. I had no problem paying a measly $100 a year for those features. I have no desire to have to find individual support for these three features. I have no idea why they are being discontinued. All that storage capacity in NC should be able to handle these features without a problem. Are you listening Apple?

    1. Just posting in total agreement. Got no reason to continue to use Macs if I have to use the same software and systems as Windows users. I may as well save some money on hardware and go Windows. I also liked having *one* place to host a site, gallery, and iDisk, as it kept my personal data more secure than having multiple accounts at FaceBook, Flicker, MySpace, Gooogle, YouTube, etc, where it’s being sold and subject to hackers.

    2. Yes! Clean mail account, clean diskspace, 100% control. I trust Apple more that the others mentioned.
      iWeb is a cool little thing that we use to build and maintain a small website the we host elsewhere. iWeb is integrated with the Mac and sure we can take the html and use it with something else…..but we’d rather not….

  4. This really sucks for me… I had the family pack for MobileMe and used iDisk extensively for my wife, daughter, mother backups and remote storage and hosted 3 web sites using the same space. Now I have to go and gett (and pay) for services all over the place instead of having them in a nice, neat location all in one place. Apple is losing that revenue from me, but apparently, it’s not sound business or enough of it to keep those services going. Bummer.

  5. The problem with Apple dropping these services from my perspective is that I don’t feel I can trust my data/services to Apple. It’s good that they are quick in adopting new technologies, but the downfall is that they sometimes cut what users are still using. So, I have subscribed to a standard web hosting provider and am in the process of moving all my sites over there. But do you think I’m going to continue using Apple software (iWeb) or Apple services (iCloud or anything else they come up with) to manage my digital life going forward? No. I don’t like having to drop it all and start over when it was working fine. I’ll stick with managing my own data now and will rely on third party tools and third party services other than Apple. I’ll keep using my Mac and iPhone for now, but am not sure about going forward. I’ll just have to play it by ear and see what else they drop from future versions of iOS or Mac OS X.

  6. …and I am never going back to New York City, because the hoagy diner they once had there is now closed.

    There is an entire year before these features go away. Apple didn’t stop these because they wanted to hurt you, they stopped them because they are unsupportable. The last 50 years of technology is littered with the carcasses of hardware and software that people loved, yet still came to an end. This is the world we live in. There is no permanence.

    1. How do you figure these are “unsupportable”?

      They are no longer in Apple’s interest to offer, especially for free. Period. End of discussion.

      Though it would be nice of Apple to admit that.

  7. I’m very upset for losing iDisk, and somewhat upset for losing Gallery.

    I purchased Mobile.Me for the last three to four years, and it’s been great. Losing features for me is NOT moving forward!

  8. iWeb has needed an update for a year. I see Apple leaving it as is forever. I want to find a replacement for iWeb. I don’t want to learn to code. What is out there to replace the easy web creation and upload that iWeb is?

  9. Ok, can someone who understands this explain it for me. iDisk will no longer be available and storage of music, calendar items etc will not subtract from the 5GB storage limit Apple will provide. At the same time, I heard Apple will sell additional storage. What will be the need for that additional storage if you simply can’t drop any file into it as you do with iDisk?

    1. One question.

      Can someone show me where apple says that the icloud stuff like documents in the cloud etc, can NOT be shared?
      And where the 5GB of storage can’t either?

      Yes apple is killing iDisk, which if you were to scan MDN… You would see a ton of posters here bask iDisk all day long.
      But until icloud goes live, I’m not going to toss apple under the bus. I didn’t see where apple said that nothing in icloud cam be shared…

    2. “Your purchased music, apps, and books, as well as your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free storage. That leaves your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data.”

      In short, at least a portion of what you would have stored on iDisk can be stored on iCloud, but just managed differently.

      1. Thanks, DRMSSDB. I just thought I read somewhere that only applications (like iWork) that have compatibility with iCloud can save documents. I do not mind paying additional money for more storage. I am paying $150 per year now for a MobileMe family plan anyway. So, I don’t mind paying extra for more space as long as I can store all file types – or at least most file types.

        Again, thanks for the clarification.

  10. I agree with most that MibileMe worked very well for what it did. I like being able to post my iWeb site for free and made me a happy Mac user. I will sorely miss being able to use iDisk and the public feature if these features are really going away and not being equally replaced. I’m giving iCloud a chance tho.

    Also, there is no replacement for iWeb. iWeb isn’t perfect but I think it is much better than the alternatives.

  11. I will miss several of those services. It was great getting all the things I got with MobileMe, with Apple hosting a domain I own, the ease of posting galleries from iPhoto, automatic backup in the cloud of my Quickbooks files, etc. Those were things I felt made MobileMe a bargain, not to mention the other parts they’re keeping, like sync, mail, etc.

    I do wish Apple would reconsider. I’m happy to keep paying the $99 per year for what I was getting. It was well worth it.

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