Analyst: Apple ‘more likely’ to debut iPad 3, 4G LTE iPhone in 2012

“Analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee said in a note to investors on Monday that his checks with sources in the Asia-Pacific supply chain indicate that the new iPhone expected to be released this fall will be an ‘interim upgrade,'” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “Specifically, he expects the phone to sport a faster processor, better camera, and the new iOS 5 software.”

“That aligns with various reports that have characterized the fifth-generation iPhone as a relatively minor update, dubbed by some the ‘iPhone 4S,'” Marsal reports. “As for an iPhone sporting high-speed LTE 4G data, Wu said he’s heard from sources that such a device is ‘more likely’ to arrive in 2012… Wu also said Monday that his sources have indicated a third-generation iPad is “more likely” to launch in 2012 as well.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. No surprises here. I always thought the iPad 3 in the fall was bunk. Apple simply doesn’t update hardware that often, and when it still has a wait time for iPad 2s, why rush out the iPad 3?

    Also no surprise that an LTE iPhone won’t show until next year. Despite all the hype, it’s not very widespread yet, and so most people wouldn’t be able to use it anyway. Plus, there are bound to be upgrade pains for the carriers installing LTE, so let them work out the problems on other phones before subjecting their networks the the massive iPhone user base.

  2. I should become an analyst. Man it just seems like an easy job.

    Here are a few ‘freebies’ for all of you out there who are confused about what is going to happen with apple:

    * I predict that in the near future Apple will introduce new iPads, iPods and we will see upgrades to their existing hardware lines.

    * iCloud will make other Apple hardware offerings seem like a logical choice to consumers once they are onboard with one device.

    * The iPad will get faster! Yes folks as hard as it might be to believe Apple will be releasing a faster iPad with better capabilities than the existing models!

    * iOS5 is expected in the fall bringing iCloud integration and numerous feature updates.

    In short I’d like to close my free analyst by saying that good things are coming and as long as the stock price is not manipulated too much you just might get a good return on your investment!

    Ok done. The next one will cost you of course. Oh and if any of my ‘advice’ makes you money, please consider a donation… this prediction stuff is hard work!

  3. Thanks Dude. I appreciate having analysts such as yourself and Shaw Wu to tell me what is going on. In fact, your analysis is clearly superior. Nice job. I trust that before long you will have a highly paid position with Sterne Agee.

  4. Hmm, waiting 15 months after the iPhone 4 just to release a minor hardware upgrade doesn’t seem too likely imho. Granted, it’s iOS5 that’s the big sell – but with so many other smartphones ripping off Apple on the aesthetics front, a software overhaul just won’t be enough to separate it from the competition to the average layman. Especially when the main iOS announcement was 3 months earlier.

    Apple are accustomed to wowing both the geek crowd and the general public with their hardware revisions year on year – and an ‘iPhone 4S’ wouldn’t do that now, not after so long.

    Perhaps there’s still surprises in store with Nuance feature announcements etc, and maybe this is blind hope based on me holding out for my first iPhone in September, but still… I’m anticipating some major surprises.

  5. This is really good news. The primary thing keeping the iPhone from having more market share is lack of manufacturing capacity. Keeping mostly last years design, and going to two manufacturers will allow Apple to roll it out to vast swaths of the planet that don’t currently get the iPhone.

    Plus, since half the magic is in the software anyway, iCloud is the compelling new feature for the new iPhone.

    Apple would be far more dominant if they could make enough devices.

    A huge percentage of people who buy android or other devices do so only because the iPhone was not in stock. (and this is also why Apple hasn’t offered a “free with contract” version… which they could easily do.)

  6. Why would Apple offer the next iPad in 2012 when the iPad 2 is selling so well that Apple can’t keep any in inventory?

    The speculation about the next iPhone makes sense. iPhone 4 to iPhone “4s” will be similar to iPhone 3g to iPhone 3gs. Faster processor (A5) and other better specs, but not a complete redesign (as the “crazy” rumor mongers speculate).

  7. I’m “more likely” to believe what Steve tells me while standing on a stage introducing Apple’s latest and greatest. Until then it’s all wild speculation and superfluous crap.

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