Apple tweaks Notification Center UI in iOS 5 beta 2

“There have been some significant UI changes to Notification Center in iOS 5 beta 2, specifically, the way notifications are handled on the Lock Screen,” Rene Ritchie reports for TUAW.

“In beta 1, notifications would simply appear as line items, with new notifications stacking as new line items, one after the other,” Ritchie reports. “In beta 2, if a single notification comes in, it now gets its own, newly styled popup.”

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Ritchie reports, “In both cases, you could and can drag the associated app icon to unlock and be taken directly to the app, only the appearance of the first notification has changed. I addition, Apple has added a visible “window shade” UI element, complete with a little “gripper” handle, to the lock screen, above the single notification, so you can pull down the full list of recent notifications.”

Read more in the full article here.

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