Intel gets antitrust approval to bid on Nortel patents

“U.S. antitrust regulators have given Intel Corp approval to pursue assets being sold by bankrupt telecommunications gear maker Nortel Networks Corp, the Federal Trade Commission said on Friday,” Alastair Sharp and Sinead Carew report for Reuters.

“Apple Inc, Google Inc and Ericsson are also known to be interested in Nortel’s portfolio of about 6,000 patents and patent applications,” Sharp and Carew report. “The assets are to be sold in an auction starting on Monday.”

“The patents cover wireless, data and optical networking, voice, Internet, semiconductors and other technologies,” Sharp and Carew report. “Apple and Google are believed to be most interested in patents having to do with the latest wireless technologies, such as 4G and LTE.”

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  1. Does anyone know how this auction is going to work? Will all these patents be grouped into logical packages so that bidding can be done on groups that different organization would find appropriate for them? Or will they just all be auctioned off as a single lump and make the Hibbing all or nothing?

  2. How is this Apple news, apart from the fact that tangentially Intel supplies the CPU & chipset that goes in the Mac and RIM is about to follow Nortel down the tubes.

    Given how Google gets away with infringing intellectual property left, right & centre with total impunity why would anyone with a sane mind even want to bother with a bunch of patents owned by a failed company. In fact the patent portfolio might even turn out to be the Hope Diamond – fatally injuring anyone coming into contact with it.

    1. ^^Boom..exactly! No upholds the current patent violations as it is..and when the new patent senate bill passes, it will be like the wild wild west. Patent ownership looks more &more like creating revenue streams to me..

    2. How is this Apple news? How about these are the companies that Apple will either 1) bid against, or 2) form alliances with the successful bidder?

      Just because Nortel failed as a company doesn’t mean their patents are crap. So much for your Hope diamond theory.

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