Microsoft’s confusing, buggy Sync sinks Ford’s J.D. Power quality ratings

“Ford tumbled from a fifth place ranking in last year’s J.D. Power Initial Quality ranking all the way down to 23rd this year,” Peter Valdes-Dapena reports for CNN Money. “Ford Motor Co.’s luxury brand, Lincoln, dropped, too, but not quite as far. Lincoln dropped from 8th place in the survey last year to 17th this year.”

“Much of Ford’s trouble has to do with the latest version of its Sync entertainment and phone system, said David Sargent, vice president of global vehicle research at J.D. Power. The latest version of Sync is incorporated into a complex new interface called MyFord Touch,” Valdes-Dapena reports. “‘People were finding several problems with the system in that it would crash, freeze, black out,’ said Sargent. ‘Beyond that, people complained that it was more complex to use than they would like.'”

Valdes-Dapena reports, “Ford has said that it is working to fix the bugs in the MyFord Touch Sync system created in partnership with Microsoft…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft makes Ford buggies confusing. Who’s surprised?

MacDailyNews Note: The J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. Initial Quality Study (.pdf) here.

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  1. My mom’s car has SYNC… Unfortunately, the voice recognition has a low degree of success. It often takes her several attempts until it calls the correct person, when the voice control included with iOS works the first time.

    Awesome idea, but the execution needs work.

  2. “People were finding several problems with the system in that it would crash, freeze, black out,’” In other words, working normally as far Microsoft is concerned.

  3. I have a 2011 Ford Edge. I have to pull the fuse that powers the radio/SYNC every once in a while to get it to work with my iPhone periodically.

    Love my Ford; don’t love the SYNC!!!!

  4. I own an ’08 Focus with Sync. It works great. Now, this was the first version, when the system was first launched, so maybe they’ve tried to get cute with a bunch of stupid features in the past 3 years, but I have always loved the system.

    1. Ford makes a number of interesting cars. Unfortunately, most of them are made and sold in Europe like the Mondeo. We only get the boring Fusion counterpart. But even a Mondeo I wouldn’t buy with Sync.

      I’m reminded of a high-end BMW from a few years ago whose electronics were controlled by a Microsoft OS. The poor (albeit rich) fellow got stuck in his car when the OS wouldn’t allow him to unlock the doors. Emergency personnel had to be called to get him out.

  5. I rented a Fiesta with Sync. I will say the Bluetooth audio worked really well. But the controls are really confusing. The menu system is weird. It did download all my contacts from my iPhone well, but the voice control was useless. Halfassed for sure, but could be something good.

  6. Works great in my 2011 Mustang…however, I didn’t get the Electronics package with the touch screen for this reason.

    Synch still works with the standard radio..but is limited to voice control (radio and phone). Loaded my iPhones adresses and music…and my iPod touch plays my music via the USB port (so playlists and song info is displayed on the radio).

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