Verizon to start tiered data plans on July 7; packages start at $30 for 2GB

“We’ve just received word that [Verizon’s tiered data plans] are scheduled to start the day after the promo ends (on the 7th) for new customers and will look something like this,” Kellex reports for Droid Life.

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Kellex continues:

Data plans:
• 2GB – $30/month
• 5GB – $50/month
• 10GB – $80/month

If you would like to add tethering on to any of those packages, you can purchase 2GB of data at an additional cost of $20 per month.

Data plans w/ tethering:
• 4GB – $50/month
• 7GB – $70/month
• 12GB – $100/month

If you go over your purchased amount of data, it will cost you $10 per 1GB.

How they compare to AT&T’s tiers:
• 200MB – $15/month
• 2GB – $25/month
• 4GB – $45/month

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    1. If it DOESN’T continue, Verizon is going to lose a lot of iPhone customers, including me. Without the payment of the termination fee. (If they change the rules unilaterally, I’m under no obligation to continue my contract, nor to pay any termination fee.)

        1. Just the current device?

          I was under the impression that if you got another iPhone you could keep your unlimited plan . . . but I’m sure I could be wrong.

          I think it would have been more reasonable if they would offer a 250 mb plan for about $15, 1 gig at $25 and then move up to the higher tiers. With the prevalence of wi-fi in my life, I might be able to get by on a gig.

          What I’m really is saying is if they want to limit the data on the network they ought to encourage people to adjust their habits and pass on some savings to those consumers who do. Instead, my hind end suddenly feels sore.

          1. That was my understanding of what I was told. I initially thought the same as you, that if I got an iPhone w/ unlimited data then as long as I stayed w/ Verizon then I’d always have unlimited data – even if I upgraded the phone. I made sure I clarified what the guy was telling me and he definitely said that I’d only have unlimited data until I upgraded the phone. Still, this is just one rep at one store so it might not be gospel.

        2. So… If you upgrade your phone with an unlimited data plan, let’s say late July, you won’t be grandfathered in anymore?
          Glad to not be a verizon customer!:D

  1. Meanwhile in Finland:
    Unlimited data at full speed (15 Mbps) – tether as much as you please: eur 14 = usd 20 per month.
    Oh and you get two sim cards, one for your ipad and one for the usb stick modem you can use for your laptop.

    1. But this is the same Finland where you can pay for things wirelessly with your phone and have been able to for years. I wouldn’t expect something similar in the U.S. for a minimum of a few decades at the rate we’re going.

  2. I’m glad I left Verizon. I still get unlimited for $30 a month. I feel sorry for those that hardly use even 200MB a month, having to pay full price for something they don’t even use. Typical greedy cell phone companies. As a note on a different but similar subject, read an article that Time Warner Cable is going to be metering internet usage! WOW the greed doesn’t stop does it!

  3. @rockfixer,
    What is the cost of the voice minutes? My understanding is that most Euro plans charge less for data but more for minutes.
    Also, pls. include the name of your cell company.

  4. Well, I knew the tiered model was coming, that’s just not what I was expecting.

    At the very least, AT&T came out with some cheaper data plans. I was hoping for the same from VZW so that I could get another iPhone and keep my data charges the same (albeit with limited data – which is not a HUGE problem for me). But Verizon went the greedy route – so basically for the $30 I’m paying now, I’ll be charged the same for less value.

    I’ve been with VZW for a long time – even stuck it out waiting on the iPhone. I’ve defended them against the misinformed who believe that their 3G is so much slower, but this just pisses me off. When it’s time for my next iPhone, it likely won’t be with VZW.

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