TiVo preps new apps for Apple iOS devices

“While TiVo has alluded to additional companion mobile apps, via Twitter and other venues, the June issue of CEPro provides concrete details via a full page advertisement targeting custom installers,” Dave Zatz reports for Zatz Not Funny.

One of the biggest trends to sweep through the consumer electronics industry is the adoption of software delivered through Apple’s iTunes App Store. For TiVo owners, the California-based company developed control and management apps for the iPad and (soon) the iPhone and Android OS products. Williams says that TiVo approached the development of its control apps with the goal of making it easy for users to maximize the power of its products and extend the TiVo experience to a “second screen.”

More info and shots of the TiVo ad in the full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


        1. They tried it once, failed. The industry wants it removed and TiVo was ready to do so. Dish already stated they would never do it.
          Concast already agreed to never implement the 30sec skip.

  1. Revolutionary MDN? My iPad2 just says iPad2. Funny, all the other sites just call it an iPad! Try reporting, like the other sites, instead promoting. Of course the other sites aren’t owned by Cuppertino.

  2. Unfortunately, TiVo has decided that these apps will only work with Premiere boxes. I have 3 HD Series 3 TiVos (and 2 older Series 2 DT TiVos) and have been disappointed that TiVo has bascially tried to force us to buy Premier boxes to get any new functionality (the vast majority of which the Series 3 boxes could handle with no problem).

    As a long time TiVo supporter who’s been there since the beginning (I bought one of the original 12 hour Phillips TiVos when they first came out for like $700 back in 1999) it sucks to watch them alienate their original customers to try to move more boxes. Most Series 3 owners are unhappy.

    Of course, TiVo is still the best DVR experience, so I may end up caving at some point…

    Now if only there were a way for my ATV2 to record over the air to my iMac’s external drive that I stream all my content from…

    1. Dish did the same thing.. the Dish app lets you watch all recorded stuff, even live i think.. but you have to have the top of the line DVR.. which i don’t.
      so all i can do is look at my recordings, and use the iPad as a remote.. well, I can set up a recording, and view the guide.

      I never liked tivo, the Dish PVR works great. and as long as i stay with Dish…. it’s free. not the paid service TiVo is. $20 now?….

      1. Wow, I didn’t even realize that they had gone all the way up to $20. All of my HD TiVos have lifetime service (which used to be MUCH cheaper than the $499 they are charging for that now), and the Series 2 TiVos are locked in at $6.95 per month. I’m actually going to be deactivating one of the Series 2 devices as it is in a guest room and never gets used…

        1. I think the $20 is a month to month or something, when I was looking earlier there was a $13.95/month plan I think when you paid by the year.
          Or it could be the 20 is for a subsidized price. I don’t follow or care to follow TiVo enough to really find out either. I always thought it was around $10 max, I saw the price this morning and laughed heh.

          I know dish is $6/month unless you have the everything pack, then it’s free. But dish won’t tell me what my cost is on the high end receiver unless I call them, and be put on hold for hours…
          I just want it so I can stream my dvr to my iPad.

  3. I have both TiVo Premiere and an iPad2. Unfortunately the iPad TiVo app does not let you to stream recorded shows to the iPad. That’s very disappointing. On the other hand the Cablevision iPad app lets you watch live TV (no recording option). I do not like Cablevision but guess which app is being used more at my household? They basically gave us a second TV without a need for a cable box.

  4. I think TiVo is still a far better DVR experience than I think TiVo is still a far better DVR experience than anything else, but to each his (or her) own. By the way, my TiVo service is only $13 per month — not $20 (but I’ve been a customer for several years) and I have no problem whatsoever zipping through commerials, so I don’t what FTB is talking about.

    As the owner of an older (Series 2) TiVo box that still works perfectly, however, I also am annoyed that I would need to buy Premier box just to use the upcoming iPhone app.

    If Apple TV ever gets TiVo functionality and can stream content from Netflix, I would seriously consider getting one. Until then, my older TiVo DVR works just fine, and the company would need to seriously lower the price of the Premier to get me to buy one.

    1. Do you scan through as you said, and see the commercials in super high speed…. Or do you press the skip and it jumps 30 seconds ahead.
      TiVo disables the auto jump by default now. Read the links above.
      You can change to the jump instead of the scan, but you have to follow those instructions and program ithe code oyour remote. Granted directv tech could have done that for you when they hooked it up, or whoever else you have with TiVo.
      The 13 is I think when you pay by the year, I saw the pricing earlier today, they listed $13.95 and $20.
      I’ll see if I can dig up that link again.

    2. actually Apple TV DOES stream netflix…
      as for the DVR part, People have ditched Cable and DVR and just paid the .99/episode for the shows they watch on TV… and saved money over the cost of the Cable/Sat monthly and the added Tivo charges.

      Something you would have to sit down and go over every show you watch and see if it saves your money or not. also would depend on how much you watch as well.

  5. Apple would almost be printing it’s own cash if they would build DVR functionality into AppleTV, whether over cable or antenna or both. Definitely the most asked question I ever hear, after describing what AppleTV is/does, is “Will it record like TiVo?” And when they get the answer, the deflation in their enthusiasm for the product is obvious.

    AppleTV should be all that it is now – a rental device for movies and content on demand – but also a recorder of local or cable content that will never make it to the iTunes Store. Maybe sell the current model alongside an ‘AppleTV +’ that allows you to plug in an external storage drive via Thunderbolt & record to your heart’s content. If they charged another $100 for the added functionality (which currently EyeTV sells for MacMini’s in an overpriced flashdrive format), it would be huge. HUGE.

    What are you waiting for, Apple? Why does the company seem intent on relegating AppleTV to middling success??

  6. I am hearing that Dish and other companys have a great DVR so why does anyone need Tivo- Because those other companys with a nice DVR are using Tivo Patented Technology. Echostar had to pay some 600 Million in Damages.. Next up, Verizon, AT&T, Microsoft and others will all have to pay dearly for the use of Tivo Technology. Futhermore- Dish will be rolling out Tivo later this year to its subscribers!!! Just like Virgin and other regional cable companys.. Goo Tivo!

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