Photos show major renovations in progress at Apple’s Fifth Ave store

“This week, Apple began construction to replace the iconic 32-foot glass cube at its heavily trafficked retail store on Fifth Avenue,” AppleInsider reports. The site offers a first look at the work in progress.

“Those who pass the storefront will encounter a temporary wall of grey plywood fronting the street,” AppleInsider reports. “A small gap between the walls serves as a pathway for customers to still access the staircase that leads to the store below.”

AppleInsider reports, “On the way to the staircase, customers can see stacks of materials and temporary materials associated with the construction. The materials and workers are there to begin work on a $6.7 million project to replace the glass cube that began this week.”

Read more and check out the photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Get ready for Microsoft to copy Apple with their own premier top of the line store. It will be made out of full corrugated cardboard, shelacked in water proofing clear coat. With hand draw Windows Logo ( to look artsy and cool ). There will be several sliding poles to go down to the store, which is cool, until the customer realize that MS forgot about the way out. So for now two of the eight poles will be used to slither your way up and out…

  2. Other reports say the cube is being taken down so work may be done on the plaza around it.

    Maybe all those crowds waiting for the latest iDevices have strained the structure in ways that the architects for the original owner GM never anticipated.

  3. 💡 Cubes are out. Parabolas are in. Watch for a curvaceous, sensuous new glass structure. Watch customers rub up against it and sigh ‘Oh Apple!’ 💡

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