Apple Back To School 2011: Buy a Mac, get $100 card for Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore

Apple has launched their 2011 Back to School promotion. When you buy a new qualifying Mac with Apple education pricing from June 16, 2011, through September 20, 2011, you’ll get a $100 Back to School Card to use on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

Apple Back to School 2011 Promotion

You must be a qualified Apple Education Individual end-user purchaser, and not a reseller, to obtain this promotional offer. Products must be purchased from Apple Retail, Apple Telesales, or the Apple Online Store and delivered to an address in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.

More info via Apple Store here.


  1. I, for one, am surprise. MS is raising their offer with a free Xbox. Apple, OTOH, seems to be lowering their traditional promotional offer. Guess, that’s telling who’s under pressure, yet, I’m still surprised. Couldn’t they throw in an TV, or better yet, the upcoming AE/Time Machine?

  2. Wow, from awesome to lame. All that damn money they’re making and they have to go cheap on this?

    It probably ties into that story about them cracking down on third party iPod giveaways. Steve threw a cranky fit after he woke up one morning and decided it “cheapens” the brand, even when Apple is the one giving them away. But still they could’ve come up with something better than this shit.

    Nearly $6 billion in profit last quarter and Steve is in the room with Tim Cook scheming on how to pinch pennies, cheap miser fsck.

  3. It will be interesting to see how successful this year’s promotion is compared to years gone by. Maybe Apple figures that Macs and iDevices are on a roll, and don’t need to be so heavily and expensively promoted.

  4. My daughter will be very disappointed. She has a very old iPod and I was planning to buy her an iBook for school this fall as well as surprise her with the new/free iPod. I can’t afford to buy both and the iPod won’t be that useful for school work. She will just have to make do with the old one.

  5. I was kind of sitting on the fence trying to decide what to buy for my daughter. I like Macs. But Office on the Mac really stinks compared to it’s Windows cousin. I was kind of hoping for the usual promotion by Apple to help me decide to get her a Macbook Air. But the promotion this year is lame, the new Macbook Air’s are still not available, and there are plenty of nice Windows laptops for cheaper that will also score me a new xbox. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

    1. You could if you wanted to use the $100 to download iWork from the Mac App Store and use that as a replacement for the shiteous MS Office. I believe it’s only $79 so you’ll have $21 to blow on Lady Gaga’s latest album…not. No, don’t blow it on Gaga.

        1. Did you even read? It said it can be used on the Mac App Store. That means you can buy iWork through the Mac App Store. You no longer have to buy the boxed copy to get it.

  6. Never under estimate the power of Call of Duty and an Xbox. I have several friends who have been waiting to see what kind of iPOD apple was going to offer on the back to school special. They were weighing getting a macbook and a iPOD vs. a PC laptop and a Xbox.

    According to them the PC – Xbox deal now wins hands down.

  7. The gift card instead of the iPod offer will hurt Apple sales, how much remains to be seen. I have several clients who have been waiting to purchase Macbook Pros for their students entering college. Most of the parents experience sticker shock when shown the prices on Macbook Pros. However, after showing them the full package (iPod Touch, Printer, iLife, they grudgingly come around to spending $2000 (Mac+warranty).

    Parents mental equation is:

    Macbook Pro $ 1800
    iPod Touch – 200
    Printer – 100
    iLife – 80

    = $ 1420, close to the price of a Dell XPS 15Z

    Now the equation has changed just enough it will be interesting to see if it affects purchase decisions. My guess and only a guess is that it will especially with the free Xbox offer that Microsoft is promoting.

        1. They’re proposing to spend $1800 on a 15″ MBP when they could have gone for a 13″ MBP for $1200. With $200 off if you have a qualifying education discount you’re looking at $1000. The math he showed was all skewed.

            1. Ok I was thinking of $100 off in cash terms and $100 off in Mac App Store voucher terms. It’s still a significant saving if you use a part of the $100 store credit to buy iWork.

          1. I see your point below. The $100 gift card can be used for iWork, which might help creat a value proposition in the mind of a college student. Or not, who knows….

  8. I’ve been waiting for the ipod promo for months to buy a new macbook pro to start university this fall..

    I’m not even interested in the xbox, but I’m getting a pc anyway -_- just reselling the xbox outweighs the love I have for apple.

    As much as I love and desire a mac, this definitely killed it.

    I hope apple sales get crushed this year.

    Unless they change their promo back in the next month, I won’t be getting a mac for the next 5 years till I get a job (interior design). If they bring back the ipod promo next year, its still gonna be too late, university students are poor you know /:

  9. My design program suggested a pc over a mac due to program compatibility, but I was planning to get a mac anyway cause of the ipod promo and the fact that I prefer apple so much more.

    But without the promo, all that’s left is the fact that I prefer how a mac looks -_-
    Its just not worth it anymore.

    Just reselling the xbox takes off at least $150 from the already lower price of a pc.

    This is the worst year for apple to change their promo, with microsoft giving away a xbox this summer..

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