All four Lodsys patents now also challenged in Southern California AV software maker ESET

“There are now five Lodsys-related lawsuits,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Lodsys itself has already filed three infringement lawsuits against a total of 27 defendants (against Brother, HP, Samsung others in February; then against seven mobile app developers; and most recently, on Friday, against adidas, Best Buy and others),” Mueller reports. “Last week, ForeSee Results filed a declaratory judgment action against all four Lodsys patents in the Northern District of Illinois (that federal court is based in Chicago).”

Mueller reports, “And another such pre-emptive lawsuit was filed on Friday and today made its way into the electronic court records system: anti-virus software maker ESET (corporate website, Wikipedia entry) filed a declaratory judgment action against Lodsys with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California… Like ForeSee Results, ESET attacks all four Lodsys patents, asking for a declaration that it doesn’t infringe them as well as a declaration of their invalidity.”

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  1. Sometimes when you have something good going (Lodsys’ license agreement with Apple), you should shut up and enjoy the ride instead of getting greedy. No one would have questioned these patents if Lodsys hadn’t gone after iOS developers.

  2. This is starting to smell like the lawsuit that SCO launched against IBM. At first, the drive-by tech media/bloggers and punditocracy declared that IBM was toast, that they might as well bend over and grab their ankles at the seamless onslaught brought forward by SCO and its phalanx of attorneys.

    Over the following months, IBM and its attorneys gathered their case. It took years, but over time, IBM punctured the SCO assertions in court and eventually, left SCO as a shredded mess that it deserved to be.

    I hope the same is true for Lodsys. They have filed suit against everyone but my local dry cleaners and probably the Vatican, but the week is still young.

    Ever notice that when some bozo launches a suit against a large corporation that it’s greeted with great fanfare by the media, bloggers and pundits, but there is barely a whimper about the outcome?

    Yeah, me too.

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