Whither Apple’s much anticipated but very overdue Keynote ’11; iPad to blame?

“Another Apple keynote has come and gone (WWDC 2011) and another opportunity to reveal Apple’s updated Keynote has also come and gone,” Les Posen blogs for Les Posen’s Presentation Magic. “Sigh.”

“In the half dozen or so Apple keynotes since January 2009 (e.g. iPad 1 and 2, WWDC ’10 and ’11, and special Back to the Mac events) we’ve seen the same Keynote on display. Or at least no new effects or features have been sighted,” Posen writes. “In the meantime, Keynote on the iPad is now at 1.4, meaning there have been five versions since its release in April, 2010 when the iPad 1 came to market… It’s clear the iWork team has been busy bringing Keynote up to speed such that it can stand alone as a presentation creation tool as well as the presenter app itself.”

“Last week, I witnessed students at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School using Keynote on the iPad for their projects having not touched the desktop version at all. They don’t see weaknesses as we old hands at Keynote do, only possibilities,” Posen writes. “In many ways, these students resemble those of us who began with Keynote 1.0 in 2003.”

Posen writes, “With iCloud, iOS and Lion 10.7 just around the corner, one can only hope that their release into the wild unleashes a new version of Keynote which takes advantage of all three elements shown at WWDC 2011 and helps raise presentation skills to a new level.”

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  1. Doesn’t Microsoft go 3-4 years on average between updates of PowerPoint (Office)? So why is it such a big deal that Keynote (iWork) hasn’t been updated for two years now? Just askin’…

      1. And there’s a huge difference between Microsoft and Apple. Because Apple is so amazing, we expect more from them than we do from Microsoft. 🙂

  2. I have been waiting to buy iWork 09 since iLife 11 came out. Keep putting it off cause i assume there will be iWork 11 soon… which i have been waiting patiently for at least 6 months, hope they drop it soon. hate to give in and buy 09, then the next day 11 drops.

    1. I’ve been waiting for a year now. I’ve got ’09 but still can’t wait for the next version.

      On a related note, I think the pie chart fills in this keynote were new.

    1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t find any docs to indicate you can record a narrative with the internal mic to go with the fancy slides in keynote for iPad. I’m using the FREE Notability for my iPKeynote onhe iPad. Not fancy, but functional as I can make recordings of my voice to go alonpre with my points and I can add picture too.

      1. Something is wrong with the text here. Repeat to correct since we can’t edit posts:
        Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t find any docs to indicate you can record a narrative with the internal mic to go with the fancy slides in Keynote for iPad. I’m using the FREE Notability for my iPad Keynote. Not fancy, but functional as I can make recordings of my voice to go along with my presentation points and I can add pictures too.

    2. Seriously?

      What about making the application appeal to people who are used to work with professional (layout) apps? I know this isn’t exactly Apple’s strength, but there’s a large amount of endusers who crave more than a glossy interface with 3 buttons and some neat swooshy transitions. 


      User definable shortcuts. 

      Proper selection tools 

      Proper zoom. 

      The ability to search and replace objects, links and fonts. 

      Proper setup of preferences ie if you don’t want to use or install Apple’s hideous set of iWork fonts, you shouldn’t be reminded that your keynote is missing them every fucking time you’re opening a .key document. 

      Proper export to FCP (without sync problems!) 

      The ability to make a keynote file without the embedded graphic content (yes, audio and video works somewhat). 

      The ability to use layered psd’s

      Non-locked (or user definable) pasteboard 

      If you’ll ask any pro user, you’ll get tons more. Just sayin’.

      Oh, and as long as it isn’t even possible to use imported fonts on the mobile keynote version, it can’t be taken seriously. 

      1. I would like to be able to loop a presentation (that would make the iPad a perfect kiosk device.
        3D graphics and transitions that are available on the Mac will not work on the iPad.
        Embeded movies will not play on the iPad.
        Setting a password on your ‘autoplay’ presentation can create a situation where you cannot return to the launchpad (unless you force shutdown the iPad).
        There are probably other features missing from Keynote on the iPad besides these and the ones listed above. But these are the issues that I have run into recently.

  3. I think it’d be fantastic for the whole iWork lineup to get updated. Not that the current versions are incapable, just that I like shiny new things. 🙂 That and Apple does seem to introduce features and functions that I didn’t even know I needed…and end up loving!

  4. A few features that I’d love seeing in Keynote’11 (Keynote’12?) are:
    -inner shadows
    -gradient text
    -optimised look and feel of presentations exported to PowerPoint format (e.g: autoconvertion of text to vectors if a required non-standard font is not on the viewer’s PC)
    -richer AppleScript dictionary (e.g: to ease the creation of slides that have mutliple text areas via AppleScript)
    -last, but not least, the awesome effects and transitions we’ve seen in Steve Jobs Keyotes over the last year or so 🙂
    These are all small refinements that would be welcome indeed.

    1. Not when it comes to transitions, reflections, builds, shadows, masking, and font support.

      I always have to “dumb down” my presentations when I export them to PowerPoint.

  5. I love Keynote, but there are some things that could use some improving. For example: The ability to play a soundtrack over multiple slides. A less cumbersome way of cropping (masking has its uses, but I prefer PowerPoint’s simple grab bars). An export to QuickTime that more faithfully handles animations. Better kiosk-mode options.

    At this point, I really don’t care that much about the ability to create or edit Keynote presentations on an iOS device, but I want the iPad or iPhone to be able to faithfully replay EXACTLY what I built on the Mac. When that happens, I will happily stop bringing my MacBook Pro to presentations and will shift that job to an iPad.

  6. Prediction:
    A new iWork will be released by the time iCloud becomes fully operational (Fall). There will be some additional features but the BIG news will be cloud versions that include full collaboration, also online operation that allow users on other platforms (i.e., Windows) to create as well as view iWork files. During the recent keynote, Jobs hinted at new cloud functionality for documents beyond iOS devices but didn’t demo it. This will be the surprise they’re holding back until Fall. Apple is going straight at Google, they’re going to beat Google Docs and make it free with NO ads!

  7. No more Flash, please.
    We all hate Flash because it is flashy, it displays the bad judgement of its creators rather than the actual message.
    We certainly don’t want Keynote to become another Flash, full of freaky effects that will blind and confuse the audience.
    That is why Keynote on the iPad is such a great idea. Keep it simple, stupid!

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