Analyst: Apple building nearly 400K next-gen MacBook Airs this month

“The second-generation of Apple’s revitalized MacBook Air notebooks are scheduled to enter mass production during the month of June, with an initial build volume hovering around 400,000 units,” Kasper Jade and Neil Hughes report for AppleInsider.

“Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo exclusively told AppleInsider that the Mac maker has placed orders for the production of a total of 380,000 Sandy Bridge-based 11.6 and 13.3-inch MacBook Airs this month,” Jade and Hughes report.

“The analyst, whose industry checks have long provided accurate insight into the Cupertino-based company’s future hardware plans, notes that roughly 55 percent (or 209,000) of those MacBook Airs will be of the 11.6-inch varieties, which have proven slightly more popular than the 13.3-inch offerings,” Jade and Hughes report.

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  1. Can’t wait. I love my 11-inch 2010 MBA, and have no intention of replacing it [it runs Lion superbly] but my wife’s first gen MBA really needs a refresh.

  2. my next laptop (to replace my MBP) will be an air.

    everytime i pass by one… i just want to say screw it, and buy it. but i just bought the MBP last year (2010 model)
    so i’ll wait a while.

    but they are just damn sexy!

  3. 12″ G4? I’m older than that…it’s the 21st century Mac Duo. the one with the G3 PPC/IBM build

    seriously though, the current 1.4GHz MBA 11″ replaced my 2006 13″ MB. Great move and meets all my mobility needs for a full featured laptop for modest office work (filemaker/email/surf/BTMM)

  4. My 1999 PowerBook 3G finally quit, will not start, HD spins for couple of seconds and then, nothing. I wonder if I should get a new MBA, nah, they are probably as difficult to get as iPads.

  5. And none of them will have the backlit keyboard!
    I will be keeping my 1st gen Air and maybe drop in a bigger SSD. Im just a night owl so no illuminated keyboard is a dealbreaker. I do love it tho. Super sxy

    1. I would own one NOW, if the Backlit Keyboard hadnt been taken away. Did buy the first gen.
      Cant see the keys in low light, and I find the BK to be a good thing in terms of taking focus slightly away from the screen in low light and darkness – it seems to help the eye strain.
      I suppose I could get one of those Wintel-style USB lights – ugh.

      1. that’s the one bad mark on the Air’s IMO.

        my backlit keys on my MBP…. LOVE them.
        i want the rumors to be true for a wireless backlit KB for my iMac.
        i don’t use the backlit keys all the time.. but they are nice to have when you need just a tad more light to see the keys.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with the current model MacBookAir…my 13″ is instant on and the speed issue relates primarily to the hi speed internet service….a faster computer isn’t going to solve that one. But, speaker output and screen resolution improvements would be good.

    1. I`d like to know what low wattage variant they intend to use. My guess is dual core i7 at 17 watts..

      Really wish they`d have a better GPU. I know this one`s a pie in the sky proposal but an option to use AMD`s Llano, (rumoured to be talks with Apple a while back, probably for graphics)

      Either way I`m thinking this is going to be one sweet little computer.

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