Motorola backtracks on CEO comments about deleterious effects of Android apps and uncontrolled multitasking

“Motorola is backtracking on comments its CEO made last week about the impact Android apps have on phone performance,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service.

“Last week, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said the openness of the Android store leads to phone performance issues because there is no approval process to make sure that apps don’t consume inordinate amounts of power or CPU. In addition, the fact that users can run many applications at once results in a performance hit, he said,” Gohring reports. “‘Android is really truly multitask so you can run 64 parallel apps at the same time,” Jha said during the conference. “That has an impact on consumer experience and we’re beginning to understand it and understand why 70% plus of devices that come back are because they’re downloading third party applications and the impact that that has on the performance of the device.’

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, you mean unapproved apps and uncontrolled multitasking aren’t good for the end users? Shocker.

Gohring reports, “A recording of his comments is available online.”

“However, Motorola now says that Jha didn’t mean to single out third party application developers as the reason for 70% of smartphone returns, according to Becki Leonard, a Motorola spokeswoman,” Gohring reports. “In a statement, Motorola points to an earlier comment from Jha where he said that 70% of smartphone returns are due to software related issues. ‘He did not state that 70% of smartphone returns was due to third-party applications, but that examples of potential contributing factors are battery life, sluggish operation and third-party applications,’ the company said in a statement.”

Gohring reports, “When asked about Jha’s recorded comment that more than 70% of returns are due to downloading third party apps, Leonard said: ‘We’re trying to clear up that was not the point he was trying to make,’ she said.”

Read more in the full article, which includes a link to Jha’s recorded comments, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Becki Leonard would be a perfect replacement for Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

After that exercise of backpeddling through crap, here are three actual facts:

1. Android apps, when there are iOS analogs at all, are often buggy rush-jobs that often do not contain the same features as the iOS version and they are also universally uglier.

2. This is because Android itself is a rush-job response to Apple’s revolutionary iOS and because Android users are cheapskates compared to iOS users who are, by definition, more valuable to developers. In other words, developers unsurprisingly spend more time on apps destined for the platform with the users who are proven to actually value and pay for apps: iOS.

3. Those who think Android devices come anywhere near delivering the total quality experience that any iOS device offers are deluding themselves.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. Seems like a trend lately – tech firms backtracking on a CEO’s comments. Didn’t MS just backtrack on Curly Joe’s comments regarding Windows 8 last week? Looks like Apple’s distortion field is wreaking havoc on competitors’ brain waves. They don’t know what side is up anymore. Like getting clocked by a Mike Tyson (pre-earbite days) right hook, these guys are just fumbling around.

      1. Dude, for a slackware poser you are far to much of a starched shirt.

        Moto phones pretty much suck, (last 5-10 years anyway)
        moto phones running android uber-suck

  2. If all these detractors, FUDsters, and wannabes spent time effort and funds actually developing and making good products instead of running out their clocks and doing a huge dis service to their customers by providing empty rhetoric, smoke, mirrors and crap, they might actually have a customer base to build on.

    Imagine that?

  3. The reason why these CEO’s keep putting their foot in the mouth is that they do not really use their own POS devices. Apple on the other hand, starting at the very top actually DO use their products to the fullest. They also make a point to actually know how to use the software itself. The other idiot just sit on their fat assess collecting their checks and studying bullet points features of their POS and thats it! Thats all they care to know about their POS. It’s why they look stupid every time they open their mouth! lol

  4. Sanjay Jha is a closet iPhone lover but his job precludes him from shouting it out loud from the rooftop of the Motorola building. It’s ok to come out of the closet now, Sanjay.

    In fact he reminds me of Sanjaya Malakar of American Idol fame. No one knew why he was being kept on the show week after week but the viewers loved his kooky style. Android’s a bit like that. Those who own iPhones don’t get its appeal, yet people still buy them.

    But sooner or later Fandroids will wake up from their delusions and kick Android to the bleachers where they belong, along with Taylor Swift’s songs.

  5. Hold on MDN: none of your 3 points are actual facts, they are opinions. Even though I happen to agree with your opinions, don’t please dress them up as facts.

  6. Had to wait at an ATT store and got to get a close look at dozens of iPhone wannabes. All junk.

    I asked the girl would you sell any of these without the BOGO deals? No, she laughed. She had an iPh4 also.

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