Adobe CEO Narayen: Feud with Apple is over

“Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Narayen said his company’s flap with Apple over the software used in websites is over,” Pui-Wing Tam reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple last year criticized Flash and Apple CEO Steve Jobs banned Flash from iPads and iPhones.”

“In an interview at the D9: All Things Digital conference, Narayen was asked about the argument Adobe had with Apple last year over software known as Flash,” Tam reports. “On Thursday, Narayen said of the episode with Apple: ‘Yes, the argument is over from our point of view.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Because you lost.

Tam reports, “Jobs has endorsed an emerging standard on the Web called HTML 5, which is being developed by a consortium that Apple is a part of, alongside Google. Narayen said Adobe now ‘welcomes the evolution of HTML and are actively contributing to it’ with typographic and design expertise.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sleep tight, Shantanu.

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  1. Funny, an “argument” requires two participants. Adobe’s been flapping their lips solo on this for quite a while, as Apple has remained pretty much silent and simply gone their own way.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Adobe truly embraces open HTML5 technologies, or if they try to wedge their proprietary Flash into it along the way.

    1. Very right. Mr Jobs OPEN letter only explained how piggish and crappy Adobe Flash was and why it was not being supported by iOS devices. That was it.

  2. I sure hope not. The future is html5.

    If Apple holds true to “Skate to where the puck will be” going backwards to flash makes no sense. If Apple included flash, you can bet Adobe R&D into html5 tools would stop completely.

  3. Yes Adobe does suck. But at least they make software that allows you to professionally author a Blu Ray disc on a Mac. (even though you need a PC or Blu Ray player to test it) Without Adobe’s software you can only make a very basic Blu Ray with very limited menu options.

      1. Well, Canadian Thomas, until iTunes or Netflix or cable or other “download” offers true 1080p resolution and proper surround sound, I would contend that Blu-Ray remains the premium product, and it is doing fine. Sounds to me like you don’t know what you’re missing.

        1. long live the 240 disc blu-ray jukebox! it only takes 6 years to load all the menus!

          seriously I own blurays and i can literally start a load of laundry, make a snack, eat the snack, look around for more snacks, take a nap and sweet I am ready to watch the bluray…6x the picture, 6x the sound, 6x the wait for ads, previews, and a f*&#$ ad for BLURAY! seriously!! I watching you on a bluray…don’t sell me on what I already own…no one wants that…

          my apple tv using my powermac g5 as a media server runs instantly…if that is the future of bluray…it is going to see a kick aside for my ATV..

      1. Looks like your wish has begun:
        MACWORLD “FreeHand Users Sue Adobe for ‘Killing’ the Application”

  4. Haha. The Ferengi makes it sound as if they won the argument over Apple. Argument is not over folks. Adobeass is still pushing FLASH hard to displace HTML5 & Apple. Don’t NE fooled by that Ferengi! lol

  5. Actually, the really interesting part of this is how it kneecaps all those other tablet/smartphone platforms that tout Flash “compatibility” as a feature that differentiates them from iPad.

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