Steve Jobs’s WWDC keynote address, iCloud preannouncement leads to big Wall Street expectations

“After Apple tipped its hand on Tuesday and revealed it will unveil its new iCloud service next week, Wall Street analysts believe the company has set the stage for a strong software-focused Worldwide Developers Conference keynote,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets sees Apple’s upcoming iCloud service as more than just a digital ‘locker’ service that will store users’ file[s],” Hughes reports. “To that effect, he sees iCloud allowing Apple to target iPhones at 5.1 billion handset users worldwide, compared to 1.3 billion PC users. iCloud could be an important step for Apple, making it so users are not required to have a Mac or PC to sync their device, or store music and movies. He imagines a new version of iOS where users no longer need to tether to a machine to upgrade their software, making the addressable market much larger.”

Hughes reports, “Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee said Apple’s unusual announcement on Tuesday, in which it revealed the talking points for Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote, signals that most of the focus will probably be on the new iCloud service, which he believes “could be a very big deal.” He sees iCloud making iTunes even more powerful, allowing users to access their content from any device, anywhere. ‘We notice that every time a new feature is added to iTunes (like TV and movie rentals), its utility value increases, which in turn drives more hardware sales, i.e., iPhone, iPad and Macs,’ Wu said in a note to investors.”

Read more in the full article, including what might be coming in iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, here.

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  1. Wall Street shysters have a tendency of building up anticipation for an event blowing it out of proportion to reality and when that falls short destroying the stock in the process. Intelligence is the thing most lacking with WS shysters who seem to think, “I’ve built you up so I can deflate you again.” No matter how much Apple outperforms guidance, if it doesn’t overshoot WS estimates by 100% it’s considered a failure.

    They should have let WS fend for itself instead of giving it TARP money. Let’s see how many of these ‘Masters of the Universe’ are left standing without Mommy’s help. ^*#% the lot of them.

    1. If you are a stock shorter, or just a day trader then yeah, I agree with you. If you trade stocks the way they are meant to be traded, as long term investments, then this sort of activity shouldnt affect you. AAPL has been fairly flat over the last few months, but look at what it has done long term, and the potential long term growth.

      These sorts of shenanigans while annoying in the short term shouldnt affect a smart long term investor.

    2. Agreed, except for the “intelligence” part. They are very intelligent, preying on the small investors to generate their profits. “Profits” that is since they create nothing, bring nothing, merely shift bits representing money around. I don’t think it’s even symbiotic anymore, just parasitic.

  2. This is a developer conference and no music event so iCloud should be far more then a music locker. Imagine the cross platform functionality of Mail and iCal in MobileMe as a API for all Apple Apps. You have one central data management in the cloud which keep all devices in sync and you have native client for MacOS, native clients for iOS with two interfaces for different display sizes and you have a webclient for every internet connected Windows maschine.
    Apple has already WebClient apps for mail and iCal based on SproutCore. So why not integrate SproutCore in XCode 4.1 and add to every native Apple App a WebApp version hosted by iCloud. This would be a huge market and offer a seamless transition between different devices. Start at work a new document in the Pages webclient of your Windows PC, add some ideas on your iphone on the way home, take a relaxed view on your work in the hammock with your ipad and make the final layout with your Mac. You can choose your tool for the moment and your data follows you fully automatic to each device. No sync, no worry about saving, just open the dokument, make your changes and forget about the rest. This will be the future.

    iCloud could be a webbased platform of its own, which extends the reach of Apple Apps deeply in the Windows universe. Apple need only support one single Windows app and this is Safari 6 for Windows. Even the next iTunes will ditch the native Windows environment and will run as a WebApp in Safari. This would be really great news for developers and hopefully this vision comes true.

  3. I wonder if they will rename iTunes to iCloud. iCloud could be the name of both the service and the application that manages your instance of it. Since iTunes has movies, apps, etc, now, its name is becoming less fitting.

  4. Hows about O.S.A. on the iphone hmm?
    I’v been wanting that for quite a while now, I can always sync the thing with itunes(over usb) or drop box/mail/notes over the “cloud”, but I still can’t script things

  5. Im predicting that by the end of 2013 we will be here talking about how great the new Apple network is going to be, and how AT&T and Verizon with their bandwidth caps and text message charges can go pound salt.

    iCal it.

    1. My prediction is that paying for minutes will go away and we will start to pay for data exclusively. You will pay for the amount of data similar to choosing a plan based on the number of minutes that you currently do. There will be steep overage fees for going above your selected plan. Included will be unlimited voice calls and text messages.

  6. Just as every Apple first iteration has left room for improvement I expect iCloud to be something short of our dreams. If it offers half of what Peter S suggests he wants it to be I’ll be thrilled and astounded.

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