Schmidt: Google has renewed maps partnership with Apple

“Google Inc confessed it tried unsuccessfully to team up with Facebook, as the search giant adapts to a shifting technology landscape and strives to maintain growth,” Alexei Oreskovic and Sarah McBride report for Reuters.

“Schmidt, who ended his 10-year run as CEO in April and handed the reins to 38-year-old Google co-founder Larry Page, made the comments at the D9 conference organized by the blog AllThingsD,” Oreskovic and McBride report. “During a nearly 90-minute onstage interview, Schmidt discussed the increasingly competitive landscape, as well as the growing privacy and regulatory scrutiny it is facing. But he seemed dismissive of software giant Microsoft , which was ‘not driving the consumer revolution.'”

Oreskovic and McBride report, “A former Apple board member, Schmidt admitted their relationship had gotten ‘rough’ as Google began to develop its Android smartphone operating system, though they remained partners in certain businesses. Google recently renewed a partnership with Apple in which Google provides map technology featured on the iPhone, he said.”

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  1. yep he knows if google wants a future they better kiss up go apple. They know Microsoft won’t be around and if they don’t want to miss out on things they better run to apple begging and pleading to work with them.

    As Eric mole bows and kneels before mr jobs saying please sir I am so sorry we stoe your iPhone idea. Please don’t quit working with us we need you.

  2. I was hoping for more competition in the space. Apple really needs to develop their own map and search solutions. You can’t outsource what is a very important part of the user experience. It just not an Apple way.

  3. In the last year or two, Apple acquired two map companies. Perhaps iMap isn’t quite ready yet, as the company might want to connect it a secret project I’m hoping for: iSearch.

      1. @ superfly: are you really that much of an i troll?

        Apple has always preferred vertical integration. Most everyone will agree that the long-term results for company and customers are significantly better than the outsource race-to-the-bottom business model. M159 makes valid points.

        Moreover, i don’t trust Google any further than i can throw Schmidt. It is an advertising agency ill-equipped to provide customer service, privacy, or security to the people it proports to serve. A long history of inappropriate customer tracking and significant pay-to-play search results manipulation, not to mention the recently disclosed Gmail insecurity are only the tips of the iceberg. Google has become evil through and through.

  4. I seriously would have second thoughts of Google mapping my backyard much less renew my mapping alliance with them. Maybe it’s time Apple ripped off their mapping technology and put it in iOS. That’ll be some karma for Android being such a rampant photocopying machine.

    1. as we all know android stole the idea of a rectangle, touch screen, and applications from apple.There is no question the Iphone is the reason touch screen phone became such a popular consumer product, but just because they were the first does not mean they invented everything, android took some ideas from the iphone, and many of it did not, and from day to day operations the UI of the Iphone and a top quality android phone are very different.

      1. If you reviewed the history of Android development you would have seen that the initial idea for Android was a facsimile of a Blackberry handset with a physical chicklet style keyboard.

        Because of Eric Schmidt’s position as a board member of Apple they were able to derive a lot of design cues from the iPhone, not just an array of icons on a grid.

        I don’t have time to explain the whole development phase of Android to a dumb shit like you.

        1. To your defense, I would say he opened up the door by name calling (or alluding to) m159: “really are you that much of an i sheep?”

          I say, he may not be totally undeserving of your instinctive opinion of him, in that regard.

  5. “A former Apple board member, Schmidt admitted their relationship had gotten ‘rough’ …”

    Schmidt should get a medal for stating the obvious. That’s what happens when you steal, betray, and back stab your partner. What a creepy cheat.

  6. Google has years of mapping experience. Google Earth and Maps is way better than any other. They have tens of thousands of folks now adding to the data for free. I am one of them. I think it is sort of like Apple and the tablet. Much like these companies jumping into the tablet business, you do not just decide to be a mapper and be successful at it. Besides, maps are actually a small part of the iPhone/iPad experience. Apple has the wisdom to leave alone technologies that it has no experience in or that do not make any money.

  7. I have a feeling, the deal Mr. Schmidt is desperately trying to relay to, consists primarily of Apple allowing Google map to exist in the App store (if that for the time being), just its preloaded privileged status on the iDevices may no longer be a sure bet… any one of these Tuesdays now.

  8. Google Maps actually sucks. Microsoft Streets & Trips is much better mapping software. What makes Google Maps unique is all the associated spy stuff. Fifty years ago people made a profession of trying to get as good as Google is today.

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