Zaky: Apple to report unprecedented $2.5 billion top-line beat in fiscal Q3

“While Wall Street continues its 7-month bear clawing of Apple’s (AAPL) stock price, the company is about to report the largest top-line beat in its 35-year history — and quite possibly one of the biggest top-line beats in the market’s history,” Andy Zaky writes or Seeking Alpha. “Apple’s stock price has been far underperforming the NASDAQ, S&P and Dow Industrials over the past 8 months, despite repeatedly posting outrageously high growth-rates.”

“According to the most recent poll taken by the Thomson Financial Network, Wall Street analysts are expecting Apple to report revenues of $24.49 billion on the quarter. This compares to Apple’s revenue guidance of $23 billion on the top-line,” Zaky writes. “Notice that for the past two quarters, Apple eclipsed its own revenue guidance by $3.7 billion in fiscal Q1 and by $2.7 billion in fiscal Q2, despite missing on iPads.”

The full article contains the details of Zaky’s $27.053 billion top-line estimate for Apple’s fiscal Q3 — that’s $2.5 billion above Wall Street’s expectations – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. Of course now that he’s reporting this Wall Street will have time to adjust their expectations and when it doesn’t beat the new expectations by 2.5 billion it will get hammered.

    Wall Street is stupid.

    1. No, not stupid….. Criminal.

      Stock manipulators, stock counterfeiters, anything they can do to screw the company and they make more money.

      Plain and simple.

      They have no soul, no morals, no rules.

      They would kill their mother if they had to. The financial media have got to start reporting instead of ignoring.

      1. Someone might read your post and call it paranoia and resentment. Unfortunately you’re correct.

        Financial regulations and investigation need to keep up with the new high-tech and/or unethical tricks used by hedge funds, brokers, and bankers. A good start would be stricter enforcement of existing rules.

  2. So Apple is about to become a $100 billion per year company. Remember it was in Jan 2010 when Jobs said that it was hard to believe that Apple was now a $50 billion per year company.

  3. Steve Jobs+Apple Inc.+Innovation+Great Products+Customer Service= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Billion …. Wow! …. Are we really surprised?

  4. Wall street is so stupid. They consider apple a large cap company and are treating it as such with low growth expectations. They refuse to look at the numbers apple have been posting that clearly shows the company is still growing.
    It is obvious these guys don’t have a clue. What’s worse is that they single handedly control the economy.

  5. My contribution this quarter…

    27″ iMac $2600
    64gb 3G iPad 2 $829
    Airport extreme (moms old router died) $180
    Various apple store purchases, and iTunes/Mac app store.

    I know I’m not the only one who spent that much…

    1. Investors are lucky that we have some of the best amateur analysts around. Zaky is one. Horace Dediu is another. Turley Muller is a third. I also follow Daniel Tello, aka Deagol, and Robert Leitao. There are other excellent amateur analysts, but these 5 have the longest track record and write prolifically about Apple, so there’s lots of info available to the investor.

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