Apple’s iCloud: Deals with three major record labels, possible preview in June

“While Google and Amazon struggle to reach negotiations with record labels for their respective digital music lockers in the cloud, Apple is one step ahead with three of the four key music labels in its back pocket, and may preview its new service as early as June,” Tiffany Kaiser reports for DailyTech.

“In March, Amazon released its cloud-based storage service called Cloud Drive, which offered 5 GB of online storage for free and saves album or MP3 purchases automatically to the cloud. But record labels said Cloud Drive was illegal because Amazon did not obtain new licensing rights for the service. Amazon decided to meet with record labels last month, but they still haven’t reached an agreement,” Kaiser reports. “Google launched a cloud-based storage service as well, called Google Music. This service, which was launched in early May, allows users to upload 20,000 music files and access them from any computer and Android device. But like Amazon, Google hasn’t struck any deals with record labels, meaning that both services are limited in what they can offer consumers.”

Kaiser reports, “Now, Apple may be fashionably late to the cloud party, but unlike the others, it brought friends. Apple recently signed licensing deals with Warner Music Group, EMI Music, and Sony Music Entertainment. The tech giant is close to striking a deal with Universal Music as well, which would put the four largest music labels on its side. Apple’s cloud-based storage music service, which is reportedly called iCloud, aims to offer music fans the ultimate cloud experience.”

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  1. Can hardly wait …… Loving the APP Store and not having to open boxes or go to this website or that …..

    The could should further tie things together …..

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