Hedge fund star Einhorn calls for Microsoft’s Ballmer to go

“Influential hedge fund manager David Einhorn has called for Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer to step down, saying the world’s largest software company’s long-time leader is stuck in the past,” Bill Rigby, Svea Herbst and Edwin Chan report for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: Aw, crap.

“Many have been privately critical of Ballmer, but Einhorn’s remarks are the most pointed yet from a high-profile investor,” Rigby, Herbst and Chan report. “Speaking at the annual Ira Sohn Investment Research Conference in New York on Wednesday, Einhorn said it was time for Ballmer — who succeeded co-founder Bill Gates in 2000 — to step aside and ‘give someone else a chance. His continued presence is the biggest overhang on Microsoft’s stock,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, puleeze. Look at McDonald’s. They’re doing just fine with a clown as their spokesman.

Rigby, Herbst and Chan report, “On Tuesday, Microsoft was overtaken by IBM in market value for the first time in 15 years, chiefly because of its static shares. Apple roared past it last year to become the world’s most valuable tech company. An investor who put $100,000 into Microsoft stock 10 years ago would now have about $69,000 worth.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ouch. An investor who put $100,000 into Apple stock 10 years ago would now have about $2,956,000 worth. But, but, but that doesn’t mean that Ballmer has to go!

Rigby, Herbst and Chan report, “Einhorn, the president of Greenlight Capital, which had $7.8 billion of assets as of January 1, first rose to prominence for making a prescient call on Lehman Brothers’ accounting troubles before the bank’s subsequent collapse.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s pretty early here on the east coast, but, after this news, one of our most favorite toasts is definitely in order now: “May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!” Hoist!

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    1. I have a friend, who is an ardent Phillies fan (“one of those”) who happens to carry a smug attitude towards all things Apple. It made me wonder at the time, if there are many (or any) Phillies fans who happen to be die-hard Apple fans as well.

      My best educated guess was that it was too dangerous a mix to be likely (or be allowed). I now stand corrected; happily apparently. 😮 )

    1. No, no, no…
      Einhorn must be mistaken. Please ignore his statements.
      Go back to sleep, everything at MS will be just fine, no worries, Ballmer has a plan, you just need to wait a little longer.

  1. Microsoft have today pre-announced the availability of Microsoft CEO2012, the latest version of their fully-featured corporate management system.

    Whilst Microsoft confirmed that CEO2012 will see the end of the DMB (Dancing Monkey Boy) format for the CEO family, they released few details other than saying that the new product would be “really amazing” and available in a Light, Home, Premium and Enterprise Edition.

    When questioned as to whether CEO2012 would ship in 2012, a spokesman declined to comment beyond saying that Microsoft would make the change when the product was “good enough”.

  2. 1. McDonalds is retiring the clown. Microsoft should do likewise.

    2. How wonderful that the clown’s nemesis is a unicorn (“Einhorn” is German for unicorn).

  3. Say, oh say, where are all the Wintrolls today on this issue? C’mon, ‘tards, let’s hear it for the fat boy and his bloated, ineffectual, anarchical company!

    1. Wintrolls are becoming extinct.

      Five-years ago this place was crawling with trolls but have since stopped coming around. The sting of their rhetoric lost its wallop inversely to the meteoric rise of the iPod, followed by the iPhone and now the iPad.

      The King Rat troll is John Dvorak who has been on the wrong side of history since the day he was born and he won’t live long enough to see any decline in APPL whatsoever.

  4. Microsoft employees originally wanted to name the “Bing” search engine “DuckDuckGo”. because of the flying chairs. now I bet they wish they did. I bet there are alot of chairs flying this morning.

  5. If you’re old enough to remember who Betty is then I’d like to use a famous morning drinking quote of hers…”If you can keep the first one down, then buy another round.”

    Remember, It’s always after noon…somewhere in the world!!!


  6. Einhorn is revealing his dirty little secret. He made a bad investment 10 years ago, he’s tired of waiting, and is now trying to reverse his fortunes.

    So much for prescience.

  7. I hope this story gains momentum in the press. I want to see the main stream media pick up the story and ask, Is it time for Steve Ballmer to step down?

    I don’t want to see Microsoft try and get ahead of the story by forcing Ballmer out using the premise, he wants to spend more time with the family, to preclude the media from airing a litany of Microsoft’s dirty laundry.

    I want to see Steve Ballmer convicted in the court of public opinion and not have him go quietly. I want to see an overwhelming case against his stewardship, forcing him to name names and get some of that stank all over Bill Gates.

    Hey Bill, your company’s in trouble and I double-dog dare you to step in and take control.

      1. Won’t happen. Gates isn’t creative, but he’s smart enough to know that Microsoft’s prime game playing days are over. No way is he coming back to help revive moribund Microsoft while it’s coughing up blood. He’s got his money, his reputation, and is too busy buying his way into heaven.

        Also, I strongly suspect Gates’ narcissism would enjoy watching Microsoft die without him at the helm. It’s an old story. “Gee, remember the good old days when Gates was running the place? He left and the place went to hell.” Nothing new. Deliberately done.

        1. I have no doubt Bill Gates left Microsoft because he saw the iceberg coming and knew it was too late to change course. I’m sure he knows there’s nothing he could possibly do to fix the irretrievably broken MS.

          But can he resist copying Steve Jobs and his legendary return to Apple?

          I’m guessing no.

  8. Micro$oft’s Investors:

    “Now when I talked to Ballmy
    I knew he’d understand.
    He said “stick by me
    and I’ll be your guiding hand.”
    But don’t ask me what I think of you,
    cos I might not give you the answers that you want me to.”

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