Apple’s iPad 2 to launch in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, and Chile this Friday

“iPad 2 will land on store shelves in Russia and Ukraine on Friday,” Christian Zibreg reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“Retailers in Russia, which has population of 142 million, are tipping ‘unprecedented demand’ for the sough-after tablet. Several major electronics retailers should sell the gizmo, including MediaMarkt, Beliy Veter Cifrovoi, M.Video, ION, Technosila, Eldorado, z-Store and Re:Store which has Nokia, Lego and Apple products in its offering,” Zibreg reports.

“iPad 2 arrives in Brazil on Friday, too, per our tipster,” Zibreg reports. “That’s another 200 million people market to you. Another tipster pinged us, telling: ‘iPad 2 also hits Chilean market, is already selling the idevice, other stores will do so on Friday at 00:00.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. The only way Brazil is getting into the technology game is by compelling externally efficient producers with super-lean manufacturing facilities in Asia to shift their production to Brazil to circumvent artificially high tariff walls that were erected to ostensibly protect local industries.

      If Brazil has to encourage industrialisation in this way I’m afraid in a hundred years indigenous Brazilian manufacturers will still not have advanced beyond the diaper wearing stage, still nuzzling on the teat of state protection.

  1. Great, I can buy and iPad 2 in Russia, but I can’t buy one online through the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AKA PX).

    Does Steve Jobs hate the military???

    1. iPad2 was available at the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange on Day 1, although it sold out quickly. They have had better supply than BestBuy in Honolulu. I scored a 16 MB in mid April, then dcided to order a 32 on line and took the other one back. Before my order from Apple arrived, I scored a 64MB wifi. Hickam AFB BX says they are getting them, but never has.

      PH NEX has a stand alone Apple area with tables and displays similar to Apple Store. Local Apple stores in Honolulu (3), seem to sell out morning supplies arrive.

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