Study: iOS users view 80% of mobile video

“A new study from video monetizer FreeWheel has suggested that Apple devices may dominate mobile video viewing by a wide margin,” Electronista reports.

“Tracking across its five billion-plus video ads, it found that almost 80 percent of mobile video watching took place on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, leaving Android 20 percent,” Electronista reports. “The iPhone and iPod were joint leaders at 30 percent where the year-old iPad still matched the entire Android platform.”

Electronista reports, “Every other platform accounted for less than one percent.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In other words, Adobe Flash video is dead. Sleep tight, Shantanu.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]

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  1. I just started using SAFARI extensions to avoid flash sites when ever is possible and ads and it is incredible. If people start using those extensions flash will be dead in a few months on the desktop too.

    1. I’m assuming you are using Click2Flash, or something similar. That won’t stop Flash, as the browser reports that you have it, so the website has no idea that you are not viewing its Flash content.

      The way to kill Flash is to run a browser that doesn’t have a Flash plugin. If you need to see something specific in Flash, then try a browser with an imbedded Flash, like Chrome. When you aren’t running it, your normal browser won’t report having it.

      1. You can easily remove Flash from Safari. Just remove the following files from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins:
        Flash Player.plugin

        Make sure to quit and relaunch Safari. If you really wanted, you could easily create an AppleScript that toggled Flash back and forth.

        Doing it this way, as you mention, results in your browser being seen as not supporting Flash when it’s disabled, which can have it’s advantages.

  2. The other 80% of Android users are
    – staring blankly at their screens as the power runs down watching Flash videos
    – throwing their devices against the wall at the frustration of badly designed apps
    – beating off to videos of Micheal Jackson (as only dweebs will do)
    – tweeting Andy Rubin & calling him a sad mother&$@!%^ for not making Android better

  3. And commercials are appearing on TV in which dim bulbs are verifying with the geeky salesoersons that their (non-Apple) phone or pad has Flash, making it sound like without it you aint got nothing.

    I hope people aren’t that stupid.

    1. Yup, saw that stupid Verizon ad.
      And the clueless folks at BlackBerry have put out a new PlayBook ad that makes a big fuss about how they have “the BEST of the Web, including FLASH!” All to the soundtrack from that cheesy 1980s Flash Gordon movie.

    1. Android as a platform has arguably a slightly higher presence then iPhone but only iPhone, not all iOS devices. If you remove the bogus android numbers out of China that include a version of Android thats not even compatible with the rest of the world’s implementation of Android, it doesn’t even have as high a presence as the iPhone. This sounds just about right when you consider it’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

    2. apparently, regardless how many own android, they just don’t watch as much video on their device. IOS regularly tops the Data Use charts; this could be due to the “it just works” factor.

      1. The “looks great on my iDevice” factor is also important, IMO.
        I bought an iPod Touch a few months back, not expecting to watch video on it to any great extent. But the Retina Display is so sharp and clear, that I actually watch video on the Touch more than on my MBP.

    3. Something isn’t adding up…….

      Don’t see how. Lets take the anal tech pundits at their word that Android devices outnumber IOS devices by 2:1……..

      FreeWheel data says 80% + of all online video is on IOS devices. Heres the math, and the story the numbers don’t tell. It doesn’t matter/ wouldn’t matter if hemidroid devices outnumbered IOS by 100:1, if they (hemidroid) didn’t work, or their users couldn’t figure out how to use them, IOS devices would still have 80%+ of all the online video content.

  4. I watch very little video on my android phone.
    I watched even less when I had my iphone.

    Nothing to do with either device, I just don’t do a lot of viewing of video on my phone.

    My web browser gets a workout regularly and Flash was ripped from the device shortly after I got it.

      1. I do plenty with my phone, watching video is just not high up there on the list of activities.

        I actually use my phone for business quite a bit. I’ve got Samba and RSync running so my data is in sync between my phone, mac and PCs.

        I even play games occasionally but time for that has been limited lately.

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