Amazon hits Apple iTunes with $0.99 Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ album (today only)

“Last month, Amazon rolled out a promotion highlighting 69-cent new release tracks in its MP3 download store, an apparent effort to draw market share from Apple in the digital download market that has long been dominated by the iTunes Store,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The pricing significantly undercuts Apple’s own pricing, which typically comes in at $1.29 for popular new tracks.”

Slivka reports, “Amazon has made another push today with a ‘Daily Deal’ offering the new Lady Gaga album, ‘Born This Way,’ for only $0.99 through the Amazon MP3 Store. The special price is available for today only and compares to the $11.99 price point for the standard album in the iTunes Store, where an expanded edition is also available for $15.99.”

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Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” via Amazon ($0.99, today only) here.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way (Bonus Track Version)” via Apple’s iTunes Store ($15.99) here.

MacDailyNews Take: At least with iTunes Store, you actually get the downloads. Amazon must be getting slammed as their Mac OS X MP3 Downloader downloads nothing and alternates between repeatedly saying “Download failed. Retry download; if problem persists contact customer service” and “Can’t connect. Please contact customer service.” For those who value their time, this could end up costing more than the $15 you’re “saving.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


      1. Are you making a correlation between disliking Gaga and being stupid? I hardly think that one exists.

        “.. why comment on it trying to put down an artists music.”

        Typically, people comment in comments sections.

      1. Lady Gaga is more than crap. Can you say she’s talentless, self promoting, costume wearing, gag inducing trash? Or would that be too good for her?

        PS. I listen to Britney Spears. Haha.

  1. I think this helps Apple, by strengthening their position when negotiating price and conditions with the labels. I don’t bother going to Wal-Mart for a (slightly) lower price, when I can have a better shopping experience at Target.

  2. It’s in MP3 format so it’s inferior from the start. While I do like a small portion of her music, I think for this in MP3 format is not worth 99 cents. I just can not do MP3 format.

  3. Zomg! You mean if I ditch iTunes right now an all my music there I can has lady gaga album for 99 cents?! Later Apple. Amazon wins.

    Nice try amazon, I wouldnt waste seconds of my life to steal that album let alone pay 99 cents and completely switch all my music. In case these companies haven’t figured it out, apple doesn’t appeal to it’s consumers by being bottom feeders and giving everything away. They value experience, polish, stability and convenience and are willing to pay for it. No giveaway of shitty music is gonna change that, spend that money on improving your services.

  4. Amazon servers must be getting overloaded. Purchased the album about 3 hours ago and so far only 3 songs downloaded. Amazon Downloader states “Cannot connect. Please contact customer service.” Relaunching doesn’t solve the issue, and it’s not related to connectivity on my side. I’ve never had a similar experience with any iTunes purchase.

    1. Update: it has now been exactly 4 hours since making the purchase. In that 240 minute span Amazon has provided me with 5 songs and a digital booklet totaling less than 50mb of data. The remaining 9 tracks still have no progress bar whatsoever.

      Regardless of whether you’re a fan of GaGa or not, Amazon’s attempt at delivering an iTunes-like experience is falling short. This is VERY much like what other companies attempt to do when competing with Apple–deliver an inferior experience at a lower price. This is what builds reputations.

    2. Update 2: Another 60 minutes transpired. Zero additional data transferred. Still at 5 songs and a digital booklet.

      As an AAPL shareholder, this is the type of competitive performance I love seeing. Go ahead Amazon… over promise and under deliver.

    3. Update 3: Closing-in on 7 hours since the original purchase, and sill missing 1/3 of the items. 9 songs and 1 digital booklet have completed, while 5 songs have not yet even started.

    4. This has been an awful experience so far. I certainly won’t be a convert. From downloading the application to music it’s be one mess after another. I have about a tenth of a song after an hour.

  5. BoughtAAPL:
    exact same problem here!
    we may be saving some $$$ but what we’ll take away is the horrible experience of trying to purchase downloadable music from Amazon.

  6. I have no problems with Amazon, but prefer iTunes. Attacking Gaga (who I too am not gaga over) misses the point, which is that Amazon is being competitive. I always root for Apple, however, and iTunes is a superior, easier experience overall, better laid-out, more informative, etc.

    1. Agreed and well said. If Amazon has the same product as iTunes for less money, then what’s the point of buying through iTunes. Music is a commodity more or less. One vendor does not (typically) offer a unique offering over another vendor. There is very little to differentiate aside from price–and user experience. With this offer, Amazon wins on the former but loses on the latter.

      1. Yes, music is a commodity. The file quality and user experience is not. I’ve purchased a few songs on Amazon, but still use iTunes as the primary source. I just like the site and the way it works better.

  7. I think that’s nice of Amazon to give a discount like that to all the 12 year olds who listen to her/him. Most of them don’t have too much money anyway.

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