Apple says check back Sunday for new order status page

Those custom configured iMacs we ordered earlier in May each came with their very own “Delivers July 1” slap to the face. Hopeful of some miraculous speedup, we’ve lately become quite attached to Apple’s Store Online’s “Order Status” page. Today we checked our order and were confronted with this:

Apple Store Order Status Offline

We can’t wait to stare at “Delivers July 1” in a whole new way! (Don’t mind us, we’ll have a much better attitude about the whole thing on July 2nd.)

As some of you know, we’ve switched from the idea of each having a massively-configured 17-inch MacBook Pro for everywhere to the 11-inch MacBook Air + 27-inch iMac concept (lighter when traveling and more on the desktop).

What? Oh, alright: Each of our “July 1” iMacs is configured like this:
• 3.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
• 4G of RAM (with 16GB RAM kits that have already arrived from elsewhere. Remember: Friends don’t let friends buy extra RAM from Apple. Apple’s RAM will be sent to our third-party RAM dealer for a refund.)
• 2TB 7200rpm HD
• 256GB SSD (for Mac OS X and applications)
• AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDRS

When it comes to our Macs, we don’t mess around – and since our once-top-of-the-line MacBook Pros (1,2) have now lasted us exactly five years (another testament to Mac value and TCO) – we expect our iMacs to do the same.

Apple Store Online’s Order Status page is here.


  1. I, too, am switching from a MacBook Pro to an Air + iMac. We ordered the iMacs just before the refresh, Apple held our order and sent us the new configs. What other tech company would do that? Thank you, Apple!

    1. I am moving to an iPad + iMac set up as soon as Lion is real eased. I don’t that much power in an iMac, but I am trying to decide if I need to upgrade the stock 2.7ghz i5 for the 2.8ghz i7 in the 21.5 inch iMac.

  2. My (once) top of the line PowerBook G4 is also still going strong. Purchased June, 2005, now 6 years old. Alas, it is a bit underpowered for running Flash, so I have removed that. Still great for surfing, e-mail, and writing.

    1. My late 2006 15″ MBP is running great. I tried by daughters iPad last night while sitting on the couch. I prefer the MBP because I don’t have to hold anything. I think my next upgrade will be a 13″ MBP or the Air.

      1. My 2006 15″ MBP looks and runs like new. My first hint that I need to consider (consider only, mind you) that it may be time to upgrade was when Portal 2 would not run on it. 🙁

  3. Interesting to read about the Air + iMac. I figured that out for myself in January, and now have the 27″ and the 11″. I can confirm it’s great combination!

    1. Me too. What I REALLY wanted was some sort of headless iMac or Mac mini with higher specs, and that way I could keep a separate 27″ display for many years, but rotate out the computer every 18-24 months as needed. It will be a pain to ship the 27″ iMac if (when) I outgrow it.

  4. I have switched to the iPad plus the iMac as describe minus the SSD drive my only regret is that my custom order iMac has not arrived yet and now I can not check the apple order site every few minutes to see where it is.
    Being an adult is so hard

  5. My Mac Pro (2X2 GHz Dual Core Xeon) is still going strong. Purchased in the summer of ’06. I’m counting on it for a couple more years. That’s when my youngest will be through with grad school.

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