Zaky: Apple’s next-gen iPhone coming late June or early July

“Every so often, Apple’s guidance can also shed light on something very significant beyond the company’s earnings,” Andy Zaky writes for Seeking Alpha. “Take Apple’s recently reported fiscal Q2, for example. In the conference call, Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer, stated very briefly among several other statements, ‘We expect OpEx [operating expenses] to be about $2.5 billion, including about $255 million related to stock-based compensation expense.'”]

Zaky writes, “Peter Oppenheimer might as well have just said, ‘Despite what you might hear on Wall Street, we expect the iPhone 5 to be released in late June or early July as planned.'”

One of Zaky’s reasons:

Apple was embarrassed last year with the iPhone 4 missing prototype debacle. Don’t be surprised if Steve Jobs significantly increased efforts to return Apple to the days of secrecy. Remember the days when Steve Jobs would end his presentation with “One more thing…” and release a product that the public was genuinely surprised to see? This rumor mill of a delayed iPhone all began because Apple didn’t make mention of the iPhone in its invitation to the World Wide Developer’s Conference set for this June. It seems like a perfect stage for Steve Job to once again surprise us all with “one more thing…”

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of the “One more thing” aspect, we firmly believe that Steve Jobs’ Apple isn’t about to let a gadget blog that doesn’t know right from wrong unveil the next-gen iPhone this time.

Zaky continues, “Most of the expenses associated with the actual launch of the iPhone take place in Apple’s fiscal Q4. But it’s been the general pattern that Apple increases its SG&A ahead of an iPhone launch that usually kicks-off in the closing days of fiscal Q3. Expect to see the new iPhone in customer hands this July.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Andy Zaky” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. the iPhone will be released when the majority of yearly iPhone contracts expire – late June/early July. PERIOD. End of story.

    the phenomenon of the late release reports prob. relates as much to Apple’s secrecy around the new phone, as to the market manipulators pushing the story so that short sellers heavy up on put options only to be fleeced at the options expiration after WWDC, with abnormally heavy last minute call activity.

    1. Pfft, my iPhone 4 desperately wants to replace my wife’s iPhone 3GS which wants to replace my neice’s iPhone 3G which wants to be gifted to one of my friends using a feature phone.

  2. The wannabes are earnestly counting on the rumors of a late iPhone release being true. If the iPhone 5 kicks in the door next month, it’s an Abbottabad moment for them.

  3. There have been multible delays on Apples iphone5. There are some good indications that the company will not launch LTE because they’re still using a 3G CDMA chipset from Qualcomm. The phone is expected to launch in time for the holiday season, but if they can launch sooner they want to push for September but given my information its not likely.

    It is true that they have a 4IN screen, and a slimmer form factor, otherwise it’s functionality is very much the same as now.
    No expectiation that Sprint will launch the phone but it wouldnt suprise me because the Technology is quite similar: and the T-Mobile launch is expected considering how AT&T bought the company and the product lines will eventually run seeing how the networks are one of the same.

    1. “The phone is expected to launch in time for the holiday season, but if they can launch sooner they want to push for September but given my information its not likely.”

      Your info is seriously flawed. Launch June/July.

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