Parallels Transporter launches on Mac App Store; makes switch from Windows PC to Mac easy

Parallels today announced the launch of Parallels Transporter, an application that makes the move from a Windows PC to a Mac easy by automatically transferring music, pictures, Internet bookmarks, documents and more. Parallels Transporter is available on the Mac App Store today.

Parallels has shipped more than three million copies of its award-winning Parallels Desktop for Mac software. The Parallels Transporter app is designed for Mac users who may not need to run Windows on their Mac at all; it is a simple way to bring everything you need from your PC together on your Mac without wasting your valuable time or incurring the expense of hiring a technology service to do the work:

• Parallels Transporter Agent collects data on your PC[i] and uses your wireless network or an external storage device to transfer it to Parallels Transporter on your Mac.

• Parallels Transporter on your Mac receives data from the Parallels Transporter Agent and copies it to the appropriate locations on your Mac. The files stored in your Windows home directory are copied to the corresponding folders on your Mac so they can be accessed and used with compatible Mac programs. Internet bookmarks are copied to Safari or any other default web browser in Mac OS X.

“A growing number of consumers and small businesses are looking for an easy way to move to a Mac,” said Kim Johnston, Vice President of Marketing for Parallels, in the press release. “We created Parallels Transporter to be the simplest, most efficient way to transfer everything you need from your old PC to your Mac in just a few easy steps. Now you can move to a Mac without the time-consuming chore of manually moving files and without the expense of hiring somebody to do it for you.”

“I use a Mac, but photos and documents that are critical to my vacation property rental business were stuck on my old PC. Parallels made it simple and painless to move them from my PC to my Mac because it did all of the work for me. It’s wonderful to finally have everything I need on my Mac,” said M.E. Wegman, owner of Home on Jones in Savannah, GA.

In addition to moving pictures, music and documents from a PC to corresponding Mac folders, Parallels Transporter also moves Windows programs and other files into a virtual machine on your Mac in case they are needed. Customers who later decide they want to run Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems and applications simultaneously on their Mac can simply purchase and download Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac at

Parallels Transporter is available for download from the Mac App Store for limited time offer of $0.99, a $39 savings off of the $39.99 standard retail price here.

Source: Parallels


  1. Well, watch that back if you are cleaning a hotel room, never know when a frog pervert f**k who is going ti become President of France will rape you, then take your Mac.

  2. I just went cold turkey. Forcibly switched myself from Windows to Mac overnight without worrying too much about the consequences. It’s a simpleminded approach but it worked for me at least because it’s much more preferable to agonizing over weeks about how to transfer stuff across from Windows. The only thing I worried about was documents and mail but was helped by the fact that I have MS Exchange in the office so syncing was a fairly painless process.

    As for documents I suggest installing Bonjour on your PC and creating a LAN user ID that’s on the same network and do a simple copy & paste or if you’re familiar with the workings of an FTP server do it that way.

    I often find not thinking about it helps to snap me out of the decision loop. Since migrating to a Mac I’ve been ten times more productive than I was before. Not worrying about viruses and the constant need to keep Windows updated is a major plus point.

  3. Like Ballmer’s nut I switched without giving data transfer much thought – I was just that feed up with PC I didn’t care. Any files I needed I transferred by USB or portable hard drive as this is seemed faster than a LAN transfer.

  4. When I switched, I just use a usb harddrive and copy my files or document I wanted over. Seems simple enough. Not sure why anyone would need special software for that. Just add more complication.

    1. Yeah, but then there are people like my button-phobic father who would have not-a-clue what to transfer or how.

      When I’ve done tech support work, transferring files from an old computer to a new has been a top request. Apple have done it for free (still do) at the retail Apple Stores for many years. Just lately the retail Microsoft stores have advertised that they’ve figured out how to do the same thing. Imagine that.

    1. WTF? There is nothing special about any USB cable, including any ‘Parallels USB Cable’. I expect you’re reading too much into Parallels simply selling a cable with their brand name on it.

      Or is this supposed to be a joke? Um, ha ha ha

      1. Yea, Duh on my part. I saw this special cable on the website, but then after I posted I saw that it works over the network and external HD. That’s what I get for posting before my morning coffee! 🙂

  5. NOTE: If you have Parallels Desktop then you ALREADY have Parallels Transporter. Look here:


    Much as I appreciate VMWare providing a Mac version, I’ve consistently been pleased I went with Parallels instead.

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