Apple iPad revolutionizing how people use computers and electronics

“A new survey of Americans is showing what many computer hobbyists already have assumed: the arrival of the tablet PC is sending huge ripples across the electronics landscape,” James Derk reports for Scripps Howard News Service. “This new report, from survey giant The Nielsen Co., shows that tablet PCs — primarily the Apple iPad — are changing how people use electronics. The tablets are causing declines in the use of PCs, e-readers and portable media devices.”

“As an avid user of the iPad, I can see how it would cause a big change; I rarely turn on my desktop PC anymore and the use of my laptop PC has decreased dramatically,” Derk reports. “Why? The iPad is always on, always ready and small and light. When I want to do something quick, I almost always grab my iPad now.”

Derk reports, “The survey results bear that out. The Nielsen survey shows 35 percent of tablet owners are using their desktops less since they bought their tablet. When it comes to laptops, that number is 32 percent. What I have noticed on a personal basis is how little I use my Android smartphone now for data purposes. According to the Nielsen report, 13 percent of users report using theirs less as well. But when I have my iPad and my phone in the same environment, it is downright painful to launch any kind of data service on my phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Jimmy needs to get himself a real smartphone.

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  1. “the use of my laptop PC has decreased dramatically,”

    So true

    My MBP just doesn’t get as much love anymore 🙁
    As far as my desktop pc… Well I have two I always use, my “gaming” pc and my new iMac.
    The use of them suffers only slightly.. The MBP used to go outside to watch Netflix in the summer or late at night with a DVD etc.. Now it’s the iPad with Bluetooth headphones.

      1. It’s not exactly a headphone setup like you think.

        I have a 50% discount on accessories at AT&T so I decided to try it.

        I do like them alot. Still has wires on your head, but nothing connects to the iPad. Clip the thing to your shirt and plug whatever headphones you want into them.
        Battery life is good, the stock earbuds are ok, but a small Y cord.. Needs to be a tad longer IMO.

  2. The iPhone, after all, was really just a small iPad the whole time, not the other way around, as it was portayed when the iPad first appeared. No wonder their competition is flummoxed, flailing and fscked. The iPad2 is the love of my life right now, like a dog.

  3. Has the combined computer use per person increased?
    One cannot simultaneously use an iPad and an iMac or MacBook (X), etc., even though I am swapping/multi-tasking between the two.
    There are things I can do on/with my iMac that I cannot do with my iPad and vice-versa. They have complementary functions, which together increases the overall user experience.
    And I no longer use the Mac Plus, or the string of Macs that preceded the current iMac. Nor do I use the iPad since I bought the iPad 2.

  4. “This new report, from survey giant The Nielsen Co., shows that tablet PCs — primarily the Apple iPad — are changing how people use electronics.”

    By “primarily the Apple iPad” he means “everyone who owns a tablet other than a handful of Android junkies that got suckered into buying the half-baked Xoom.”

  5. My iPad 2 is nice for some things but too frustrating for others. Grunt work like photography or document creation or scanning/printing definitely goes to the desktop and I’d still rather surf on my 15″ MBP. My iPhone is always with me so it gets a good workout from time to time too. Glad I got it but iPad doesn’t feel like a game changer to me. At least not like iPhone 1 was at the time.

  6. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you will see the same adverts on this page as I do. But nevertheless, I’m still amused to note an ad above for AVS Video Converter. When I visit their web site, i read “Windows only, no Mac version” Morons.

  7. I’d guess 90% of my computing is now done on my iPad…the desktop is just kinda the “mothership” to stream to iPad & tv2 and tv1…it’s just great.

  8. iPad is now the primary tool for e-mail and internet, which is about 90% of what we do. My wife always would call from the study to come “Look” at what she had up on the screen. Now, she sits beside me in the family room, and simply passes the iPad to me to see.

    My life is soooo much better now that I’m not doing jumping jacks all evening.

  9. I think its changed things.

    Its redefined the way people think of interacting with computers and taken the complexity and fear out of computers for a lot of folks.

    Sure it dosen’t do everything a typical desktop computer does but largely that is exactly the ipad’s biggest strength.

    Mobile computing in general has shifted things, the ipad pushes it a step further. I’m posting this from my android phone and use my desktop less mainly because my phone is the computer i always have on me and it just works for the vast majority of daily stuff i do.

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