“When it took the wraps off its stripped down, nothing-but-the-browser Chromebooks this week Google was attempting its own iPad moment,” Tom Simonite writes for MIT Technology Review. “Unsurprisingly, a lot of people are skeptical. Here’s a run down of reasons the tech press came up with that Chromebooks are a bad idea.”

• It won’t work with 200+ million iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches
• They’re too expensive at a minimum cost of $429 or $349
• People aren’t ready to trust the cloud
• Kaspersky says it’ll be a goldmine for hackers
• Google can’t do hardware and support well
• Google gets too much control of your computer and your data

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MacDailyNews Take: We trust the cloud when it’s done the right way, for the right reasons, by the right company; not when it’s primary intent is to gather data for ad targeting.