China’s Huadian promises to launch nearly exact clone of Apple iPad 2 next month (with photo)

“Huadian, the makers of this tablet, claim that their iPad 2 wannabe will measure in at the same thickness as the Apple version (8.8mm) and will feature a body constructed of alloy and will get a glossy 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 capacitive screen,” reports.

“Huadian, have been tight lipped on the full specification, but have let slip that the iPad 2 clone will get an AMLogic CPU running at 800Mhz, with 512mb RAM and 8Gb of internal Flash storage,” reports. “They have also stated that the tablet will also get a front and rear facing cameras, GPS and Wi-fi.” reports, “We have only been made privy to what the back of the device will look like, but from what we can see Huadian have done a great job of mimicking the hugely popular iPad 2.”

Huadian iPad 2 clone
Huadian iPad 2 clone

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Shameless.


    1. Oh, apps are no problem with the Huadian tablet.
      Simply select your dialect, whether it be Gan, or Hakka, or Mandarin, or Huizhou, or Jin, or Min Bei, or Min Dong, or Min Nan, or Min Zhong, or Pu–Xian, or …

  1. That the shameless and outright theft of other countries’ and businesses’ intellectual property is so rampant and openly tolerated in China is a sign of the country’s lack of imagination and a moral compass. If such a climate is the norm, how can China truly expect to lead the world?

    True leaders do so by example. When many of China’s most noteworthy products are almost exact clones (at least in appearance) if the work of others, be it stealth fighter jets, computers, cars or running shoes, something is seriously wrong. Coupled with China’s incredibly stingy record of charitable contributions in the time of crises (the past two tsunamis being perfect examples), not to mention their track record on human trafficking, human and animal rights, and one might wonder if China has the depth of character to assume a leadersip role in the world.

    Sad. Pathetic.

    1. China?
      This particular scam is underwritten by Google, an American/Russian company. Google loves this kind of IP theft from Apple. It started and supports the process.

      1. I think the real Apple cloner now supported by Google is Samsung.

        Apple is going after Samsung for the iPhone design/look-feel ripoff and now the latest Samsung Galaxy (special edition, 5,000 given away at the the Google I/O) is said to be another Apple product clone… only cheaply made (ie, plastic shell vs iPad’s aluminum)

        Google enabled “pinch & zoom” immediately after Apple went after HTC for IP issues.

        Now Samsung seems to be supported by Google and is it’s favoured bum boy (note the new Chrome laptops and a ChromeBox (?) being pushed, all made by Samsung).

        1. Google intellectual property ripoffs:
          – Android (iOS)
          – Picasa (iPhoto)
          – Music Beta (iTunes)
          – Chrome (Safari)
          – Chrome OS (Mac OS X)
          – CR-48 (MacBook)
          – Xoom (iPad)
          – Online bookstore (iBooks)
          – Search (AltaVista)
          – Gmail (Yahoo Mail)
          – Docs (MS Office)
          – Buzz/Wave (Facebook)
          – Living Social (Groupon)
          – Maps (Garmin)
          – Speech (Nuance/Siri)

          Google obviously pilfers without shame.

          1. Are you SERIOUS?

            First your making an assumption that any competing product is an IP theft, if that is the case then every company in the Tech Industry is a red handed thief, including apple!

            Lets get real here:

            Android is a Linux OS. If you believe all of the “IP law” bullsh*t on the web then I’m sure you’ll agree that Google stole it all from MS 😉

            Picasa looks nothing like iPhoto! I have both.

            Chrome is based on WebKit just like Safari!
            Shall we accuse both Google and Apple from ‘stealing the IP’ of KHTML? Cause that’s where Webkit came from.

            Chrome OS? Dude its Linux. If you believe that’s theft of OS X then I guess you must be pretty upset that Apple ripped off BSD when they made OS X!

            Search? Get real! Google showed everyone how to actually DO search when they launched the company.

            Maps Garmin. lol thats rich. I wasn’t aware that Garmin actually had a web presence with mapping software that does anything like Google Maps. I’m sure they do now or are working on it. I say this as a faithful Garmin customer!

            You are a troll dude… and quite plainly an idiot.

            1. I won’t bother making a comprehensive reply to your ignorant trollish nonsense. But suffice to say that had Eric Schmidt not been a member of the board at Apple your beloved Android would have a full sized keyboard and look like the Blackberry Bold.

              You can go suck on Google’s tits if you want but don’t spout nonsense in the forum.

            2. Eric Schmidt… That’s the Guy!!!! He was the mole for the incarnation of iOS features on android. Google is becoming the copycat of the industry delivering products and technology just to say they did it first regardless of how I’ll conceived and partially complete it is.

  2. Not surprising at all. East Asia is Knockoff Central, and copies of a huge seller like the iPad are inevitable. They’ll also probably end up making tons of yuan in the homeland and elsewhere in Asia, but I don’t see too many non-Chinese-speaking people plonking down their moolah for the iHua.

  3. What software is this thing supposed to use? How does one get data in/out of this POS? It sure as hell can’t be iTunes. These thieves will surely learn what many other “tablet” purveyors have discovered, it’s the software, stupid!

  4. @Ballmer’s Left Nut:

    Of course you won’t bother to make a comprehensive reply because frankly YOU CAN’T.

    You have just convinced me 110% that you are truly a MORON.

  5. With Apple booming in China these days I can’t imagine why anyone who knows better there would settle for this or anything else unless it is far far cheaper than the real thing. I think more and more people want Apple. Not clones.

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