Several obstacles remain before Foxconn assembles iPads in Brazil

“Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn wants to begin assembling iPads in Brazil by July, but it is still seeking tax breaks and other government concessions as part of an investment plan that could be worth up to $12 billion, Brazilian media reported on Friday,” Reuters reports.

“Foxconn Technology Group, maker of Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad, announced its intention to dramatically ramp up production in Brazil last month during a visit to China by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff,” Reuters reports. “Foxconn has moved up its desired start date for assembling iPads in Brazil to July from November, seeking to tap massive demand for the device in Brazil’s booming consumer market, according to newspapers Estado de S.Paulo and Folha de S.Paulo. Their reports quoted government officials.”

“Several obstacles remain to the deal’s full implementation. Rousseff recently received a long letter from Foxconn chief Terry Tou detailing several conditions for both short-term and long-term investments, the reports said, quoting [Brazil’s Science and Technology Minister Aloizio Mercadante],” Reuters reports. “The company is negotiating tax incentives for production and other measures that would make it easier to import components for local assembly, the reports said. Foxconn also wants government assistance in dispatching 200 Brazilian engineers to China for training as soon as possible.”

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  1. Obstacle #1: Get the Brazilian government to understand that dumbass policies like high tariff walls don’t work & serve to stunt your population’s exposure to high tech gizmos.

    Obstacle #2: The Brazilian government has to stop pursuing dumbass socialist economic policies that died with Marx.

    Obstacle #3: Those Brazilian manufacturers & by extension workers sheltered by high tariff walls have to get off their asses & put in a hard day’s work instead of relying on soft government handouts.

    Apart from that yeah for sure the Foxconn Brazilian factory will be better off churning out those antiquated Volkswagen Beetles that Brazilians seem to love because for sure they won’t be world class competitive making iPads due to Brazil’s dumbass protectionist policies.

      1. And your point being? I could equally make a statement that says ‘don’t make stupid counterarguments in the forum’ because if you don’t have valid rebuttals then you end up looking like a dickface.

        1. You could, but you would be the one looking dickish, and you are only one nut, anyway.

          Seriously, BLN, there are few absolutes in this world. Cutting taxes and dropping tariffs does not solve every problem, and can create some themselves, at least in the short term. Your policy statements are no less hide bound and idealistic than Marx’s, nor is your understanding of human nature any better. Slavish adherence to a dogma is insanity, especially when countered by the evidence of reality.

          I had a friend who switched into business because he didn’t work hard enough to make it in engineering. And he was brainwashed by academia into believing that the private sector is the savior and does everything better and more efficiently. Well, that depends on your definition, in my opinion. Everything, including the private sector, is flawed and will occasionally bounce to extremes in the absence of effective checks and balances.

          I know that you didn’t say anything about tax cuts in this post, but you wanted to, so…
          I have no problem cutting taxes as long as the budget is balanced and spending is under control. Since neither of those is true, let’s cut spending (including defense spending) and reduce that deficit. Then we can talk about tax cuts.

          1. Nicely put, km, and ditto for your post below. Every person who inhabits either house of Congress should have your last paragraph tattooed on his or her forehead. We’ve been partying too long (if you can call two insanely expensive wars –among other things– “partying”) and the hangover is gonna hurt.

    1. > dumbass socialist economic policies that died with Marx.

      I wish!

      Dumbass socialist economic policies are tragically pervasive in Latin America.


  2. They should set up shop in the USA, put a ‘Union Made in the USA’ label on the iPads and sell them starting at $1500 for a 16 GB WiFi.

    Every left wing union member in the USA will buy 2 or 3. Not.

    1. Why $1500? You have no basis for that estimate. And your attempt at denigration of union members is pitiful. There is nothing wrong with protecting your rights and safety and demanding fair pay. Unions might not even exist if companies had not treated employees as valueless, expendable, replaceable trash. People died in fires because they were locked inside sweatshop factories. Have you no respect for your ancestors that dared to stand up for their rights. You are obviously a flag waving Republican and likely wear the Constitution on your sleeve. Well, I would prefer that you honor the Constitution and what it truly stands for rather than hiding behind it.

      Certainly some unions have gone to extremes. But they form in response to sustained adverse circumstances in the workplace. People are generally reluctant to unionize and will avoid doing so if they are treated fairly and with respect.

      In other words, you opinions are both puerile and meaningless. I hope that you find your way into one of those wonderful non-union sweatshop jobs.

  3. “Certainly some unions have gone to extremes. But they form in response to sustained adverse circumstances in the workplace. People are generally reluctant to unionize and will avoid doing so if they are treated fairly and with respect.”


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