Apple releases iOS 4.3.3, changes crowd-sourced location database cache

Apple today released iOS 4.3.3 Software Update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple also released iOS 4.2.8 Software Update for Verizon iPhone (CDMA model).

Both updates contain changes to the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache, including:

• Reduces the size of the cache
• No longer backs the cache up to iTunes
• Deletes the cache entirely when Location Services is turned off

The updates are now available via iTunes.

More info here.


  1. Hopefully this will fix the buggy WiFi issues I’ve had since 4.3 came out. Yes, I’ve reset everything numerous times and I still have speed and connection issues. Luckily 3G still connects so I’m not tempted to revert to 4.2.

      1. It’s easy, after plugging your iphone in a dialog box should come up that gives you the option to download only, or download and install. Select Download only, then after it has installed, option-click on the update button in iTunes, and navigate to the User>Library>ITunes>iPhone Software Updates folder, select the update (make sure you have the right one there may be older ones in there) Use the same option/update when you plug in your other iphone. I do this with 5 iphones, and 3 iPads, only 1 download each.. (I wish I could include screen-caps in these posts….)

  2. In other news, Google said it would release an update “in the coming months, availability dependent on your mobile handset maker”, which provides constant and more accurate location data so that Google will know where you are and what you’re doing and what you’re thinking.

    Google said this update was necessary and justified because it is “important to Google’s business model”.

    1. The only reason why Apple released a fix is because it was made public and people were not happy! If this was truly a bug then Apple engineers and beta testers have failed to test the OS fully – as always! Apple is seriously scared of lawsuits and this is why it was fixed. If no one brought this up, iOS 4.3.3 would not be fixing this known Apple bug in Cupertino. Apple well knew of it and played dumb – as always Apple loves to deny, deny and deny some more!

      1. “Apple is seriously scared of lawsuits and this is why it was fixed.” MAN you’re clueless!
        Apple receives lawsuits daily as any other tech giant for almost anything. Everyone who wants to make a quick buck and/or gain instant publicity (hit whore) uses the name “Apple” or iPad. iPhone etc nowadays.
        To make it clear once and for all ANY phone with a GPS tracking stores location. GOT IT?

      2. Call me idiot, but I trust Apple 100% until this very moment they never let me down. I would update if only the update has more than just handling “location tracking issue”.

  3. I recently updated my firmware to 4.3.3. and I am actually dissapointed! I have an IPod Touch and I used it all the time to find my location and get around on the map. It was like magic because it would locate me even when I am far from any wifi signal that I could pick up….
    Either I’m never going to turn off my locations service again and hope the limited cache is more than enough for my purposes or I’m downgrading back to a lower version.

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