Unofficial estimate pegs Windows Phone ’07 units at just 674,000

“Microsoft may have moved just 674,000 Windows Phone 7 devices in its first few months on sale, well-known Russian phone leaker Eldar Murtazin said in a new estimate,” Electronista reports. “While the company said it had shipped 1.5 million to partners, its figures for late 2010 would have netted less than half that amount.”

Electronista reports, “Microsoft hasn’t confirmed or denied the numbers. However, it has typically dodged questions of actual sell-through across its various hardware partners… Some clues might have come from multiple Windows Phone 7 sales since it went on the market. Steep discounts on phone sales often happen closer to the end of their lifespans, but for WP7 were starting to appear just weeks later.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Kin II.

It’s no wonder that Microsoft felt forced to pay off the likes of the desperate Nokia to the tune of $1 billion plus to use Windows Phone ’07.


    1. not if you spent 500 million bucks on advertising as Microsoft did to launch wp7. (not to mention hundreds of millions on R&D)

      msft actually makes about 8 to 15 bucks a license (which comes up to about 10 million for 657k sold)

  1. “Steep discounts on phone sales often happen closer to the end of their lifespans, but for WP7 were starting to appear just weeks later.” = D.O.A.

  2. If it’s a microsoft or motorola product you never regard “units shipped” as anywhere close to actual sales. Amazing there are 674,000 people that stupid.

    1. Well, how many people work at Microsoft, and Microsoft satellite companies such as Attachmate? That’s probably a good chunk of ’em right there…

  3. Nokia has 15% market share. In 2012 all Nokia phones will use Windows Phone 7. Therefore MS will jump to 15% market share. So say the analyst’s.

    What do these numbers say? My analysis is 2013 Nokia will be filing chapter 11.

  4. The wow starts now. As in wow, as many as that?

    Let’s see now, take away 100,000 Microsoft employees, 50,000 Dell employees, 50,000 Nokia employees and let’s be generous and assume that another 50,000 units have been stuffed up the asses of HTC, Samsung & LG employees, being Microsoft’s hardware partner in perpetrating the crime that is WP7, you’re left with let’s see now 400,000 unaccounted for WP7 licenses. So there is one born every minute it seems.

    Perhaps they’re Engadget readers, seeing that they’re all MS fanboys. They do like taking it up the ass by Ballmer’s other nut, so I’m told. I wouldn’t know what the right nut is up to, not really, being separated by Ballmer’s sweaty thighs.

    Now let me puke in peace.

    1. “I wouldn’t know what the right nut is up to, not really, being separated by Ballmer’s sweaty thighs.”

      Um, that just made me puke thinking about two nuts separated by sweaty thighs.

  5. And so the infantile and obnoxious mock funeral they held turns out to have been their own. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of people.

    The lesson for them is:

    Never celebrate a victory before you’ve entered the ring. Otherwise, you might come out looking really really stupid.

      1. Funny stuff! None of you have a damn clue what you’re talking about. I love how you jump on any nonsensical bandwagon number that some idiot basically makes up. Let me set you straight a little here. All MSFT employees have not been given phones, as this idiotic estimate tries to claim. Secondly, this, “supposed” estimate also tries to use the number of phones still on shelves at the end of 2010. How exactly did this fool determine that number? Did he go around the world and count all of those phones, at every retailer and online store? Thirdly, this estimate is for phones sold in 2010, not total phones sold up to this point. There’s a reason that these claims have been substantiated in now way, shape or form. That reason: You can’t substantiate fantasy.

        Ok, all of that being said, now lets move on a bit. There’s no question that WP7 has hardly gained a massive market share and that was to be expected by anyone with a smidgen of common sense. It’s still lacking some features and it’s going up against an ios and Android camp that have had great success so far. However, despite what you MS haters want to believe for whatever reasons you want to believe them, WP7 hardly qualifies as a failure yet. It may not survive, but it just as easily may flourish one day. You see, not everyone has some personal feelings against everything Microsoft, like some of you do. You can make all the claims you want about how stupid these people are and how ignorant, blah, blah blah, etc. etc. Yet, They still use Windows, Office and many other MS products to a level that no one else even approaches. WP7 could end up being the same, because at some point. the features will be there and there’s no question the OS is a smooth and well working one. At least, there’s not question for anyone who’s given it a try. It’s also a different experience and not a less friendly copy of ios the way Android is.

        I’ve said this many times, in many posts about this subject, but I’ll mention it once again here: I’m not, by any means, a MSFT fanboy, but I’m also not a hater. I’m all for a lot of competition in any tech arena and if Microsoft releases a good product, I’ll give it a try and if it suits my needs, I’ll be more than happy to continue using it. WP7 isn’t quite there for me yet, but I don’t put blinders on, like some of you, and can see the potential of it. Maybe someone out there is swayed by all this rhetoric and hatred that goes Microsoft’s way from some of you, but I’m not one of those. I’ll use whatever products get the job done and do it smoothly and dependably and I could frankly care less who makes it. You can choose to believe that MSFT is somehow eveil and Apple, Google, etc. are somehow the pillar of moral fiber and that’s your right to be that naive and stupid. Me, I’ll stick with reality. If Apple, Google or whatever other company may catch on, ever gain the same kind of hold over the market that MSFT has had for so long, they’ll be no different than MSFT has been. Making another Microsoft doesn’t change the game, it just changes the head player. As for open source, I’ll simply say this: I’m all for it, but find out how quickly that open source stuff turns into a money maker for someone if they ever gain a big market share and how quickly that open source becomes a closed platform.

  6. Interestingly, if Nokia is able to sell the same amount of Win ’07 phones (674,000) then that means that Microsoft paid them $1400.00 a phone through their 1 billion dollar deal. This, of course, doesn’t count any materials, manufacturing, or R&D costs for Microsoft.

    Typical Microsoft math: hemorrhage cash for the sake of market share.

  7. Ballmers solution was to commandeer a hardware manufacturer to produce even more duds so retailers can have even more inventory sculptures like this:

    Kinect is selling well apparently.

  8. Steep discounts on phone sales often happen closer to the end of their lifespans, but for WP7 were starting to appear just weeks later

    Given how fast everyone else introduces new models, a few weeks seems like a normal lifetime.

  9. “Windows Phone 7” is not even a product. This is the estimated combined total of ALL the actual mobile phone products from ALL the companies that use Windows Phone 7 as the “software component.”

    Apple is ONE company selling ONE mobile phone product, and (even without counting any iPhone 3GS still being sold), Apple sold more iPhone 4 units in ONE DAY than the combined total of Windows Phone 7 devices sold over several MONTHS.

    The difference could not be more stark. By the time Nokia has a Windows Phone 7 device, things may REALLY get ugly.

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