Samsung files new lawsuit against Apple in U.S.

“Samsung Electronics filed its own U.S. lawsuit against Apple, accusing the iPad maker of infringing 10 patents in an escalation of the dispute over tablet and mobile technology,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“The latest legal move comes after Apple sued Samsung earlier this month, claiming the Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets ‘slavishly’ copies the iPhone and iPad,” Levine reports. “Samsung’s Galaxy products use Google’s Android operating system, which directly competes with Apple’s mobile software.”

Levine reports, “The lawsuit filed by Samsung on Wednesday in a California federal court follows litigation initiated against Apple in South Korea, Japan and Germany last week. Apple copied many of Samsung’s innovations, according to Samsung’s U.S. lawsuit. For instance, one of the patents Samsung accuses Apple of violating involves the ability for mobile phones to display the time, the lawsuit says. ‘As users travel across time zones, the ability of a mobile device to update to the local time is important for tracking appointments and meetings,’ the lawsuit said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ho do you say “grasping at straws” in Korean?

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  1. Patent disputes are rarely worth reporting on MDN in my opinion, as this is Business Tactics 101 for Fortune 500 companies.

    In the case of Apple’s suits, they probably want to establish a hard line position, so other competitors cringe & pull back.

    Only rarely do they go to a jury and when they occur between 2 large companies as they both claim multiple infringements, so they mostly come to private licensing settlement terms.

    It will be reportable as unique if Apple carries it to a jury in my opinion.

  2. “one of the patents Samsung accuses Apple of violating involves the ability for mobile phones to display the time”

    now THIS is grasping….

    When did Samsung patent this?

  3. I’m a huge Apple fan and major AAPL investor, but in my opinion both MDN and the US blogosphere is underrating Samsung’s determination and deep hardware patent portfolio, including among these patents, for example, the talking and accessing the web at the same time. I suspect that Samsung felt justified at blatant copying of the look and interface of the iPhone because they were confident Apple was infringing on their own hardware patents. In short there is much miscalculating going on.

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