South Park pokes fun at Apple, Steve Jobs in season premiere

“For 14 years, South Park has taken the news and given it a unique and timely twist with a no-holds-barred candor that often leaves viewers in stitches,” Matt Cherette writes for Gawker.

Last night’s “Season 15 premiere [HUMANCENTiPAD] —which took on the issue of Apple’s [so-called] secret tracking of iPhone and iPad users and added a disgustingly sinister twist courtesy of Steve Jobs — continued that tradition in truly stellar form,” Cherette writes.

Full article, with Apple-related highlight reel, here.

MacDailyNews Take: 14 years already? Cripes. Somebody tell Steve Jobs to hurry up and invent a time machine.


  1. I guess I am officially old because I found it disgusting and not so funny. I have heard of the movie “Human Centipede” and saw that there is actually a part 2 coming out. Absolutely no interest in seeing either one.

    I do have to give them credit for getting an episode on the air so quickly!

    Guess I’ll just go listen to my 8 track cartridges now!

        1. Ahhh… more jabs at Bill O’Reilly from someone who’s not really familiar with his show or format. Just ’cause the left tells you he’s “bad”, you believe it. In reality, his show’s ratings are higher than every other cable news channel combined and there’s a reason.

  2. It was pretty funny although I wouldn’t rank it as one of the best South Park episodes. But, it was a solid effort and was quite funny at times. I won’t ever look at the T&C like I used to, ever again.

  3. “South Park has taken the news and given it a unique and timely twist with a no-holds-barred candor that often leaves viewers in stitches”

    I watched a good part of the video until it became beyond ridiculous, even gross. This is over the top, even for the SouthPark gang. I can’t believe they can air this yet can’t show Mohammed even in a bear suit. “No holds barred”? Rather selective, I’d say.

  4. OK, just the drawing was enough that I have no need to watch it. I used to watch SP here and there, but the Hampster thing, and a couple other skits, well, that was the end for me. Why does funny have to be vulgar, disrespectful, and gross these days to gain an audience? Those who can’t be creative on a regular basis, produce mediocre comedy and rely heavily on shock to gain attention (The Howard Stern Syndrome).

  5. INSTANT CLASSIC… This was some Parker/Stone’s best work….

    Two amazing standouts… the folks at the “Genius” counter and the final sequence as Cartman is calling out god… outstanding….

  6. I don’t get it. The concept of the comedy was great and there was a lot of great material. So why was it necessary to make it gross with the mouth to butthole thing? It served no comedic purpose that I can find.

    1. EXACTLY my point farther above. I guess the South Park writers don’t have enough faith in the strength of their comedy material, and feel they must resort to butt holes and grossness to capture viewers attention. Sad, because I believe they have shown in other episodes, they have the talent to do comedy without playing gross shock factor card. But as Stern discovered, controversy guarantees you get talked about. Obviously.

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