Ex-Apple engineers team with Al Gore on new iPad ‘Climate Crisis’ e-Book (with video)

“What do you do after working for Apple, a company whose mission seems to be nothing less than disrupting entire industries? Easy. You start a company to create your own ding in the universe,” Brian X. Chen reports for Wired.

“That’s the idea behind Push Pop Press, a digital creation tool designed to blow up the concept of the book,” Chen reports. “Frictionless self-publishing is a fertile new space, but this particular startup got a little help from former vice president Al Gore, whose exacting demands on an app version of his book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis (US$4.99) gave this would-be company its first real boost.”

“Developed by former Apple employees Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, Push Pop Press will be a publishing platform for authors, publishers and artists to turn their books into interactive iPad or iPhone apps — no programming skills required… If successfully scaled, Push Pop Press could become the easiest and quickest way for publishers and independent artists to turn their media into iPhone and iPad apps and take a whack at making money in the App Store.”

Al Gore’s Our Choice Guided Tour from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. At least then some were making money! Can’t say that of the current Obama regime!

        And what was that you drive again?… Contributor to the Big-Oil-lobbyist nonsense, I see!

    1. Global Warming is a misnomer and Climate Change is more accurate. It’s not controversial unless you get your science from some preacher without portfolio or Faux Newz. The only controversy is how much of it is human sourced and how fast are the changes happening. Everything else is about as widely accepted by scientists not in the pay of the Fossil Fuel Biz as the Law of Natural Selection.

      1. Yep…the Sun is driving climate change which is amplifying the heat factor on the planet. Current solar cycle is building…and as the Sun goes, so does everything else in the solar system. Recent image of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet from the Solar Dynamics Observatory:


        One huge solar flare directed towards Earth can fry the electronic grid around the Planet. Now that would be an interesting day.

        1. What is wrong with Global Warming? We had glaciers in the United States, sea levels tens of feet lower, life was on chill, and the mammoth was roaming around in a nice furry coat. The climate started to warm and now they are all gone with their other cool weather friends.
          Now before that the dinosaurs roamed in heat and swelting humidity. Plants grew wildly in the worlds rainy and tropical weather. World oxygen levels was higher and believed to have assisted the large dinos to grew to currently unattainable sizes. Life flourished on land and sea. Yet, global cooling ended those that survived in the warm years and the rise of cool climate beast ensued.
          Global warming has been happening for a 150k years with the rise of the ocean. Just means warmer weather, more tropical rainforest, increased planet life, and more oxygen for use to breath. Hey, Al Gore is a dumb glass empty and wallet fat guy.

          I am a glass half full guy and look forward to those warm, balmy northern winter nights under the northern lights.

        1. The increasing frequency and power of storm systems is following a predicted path. But for a lot of folk like you the logic of the scientific argument fails to register.

        2. Anyone who believes that the climate is not being changed by man’s actions is blind.

          Where I live we have had totally strange weather patterns the last couple of years. Nothing like I’ve ever seen in my life.

          Snow and ground frost in June last year, totally screwed up crops cause you know, the ground isn’t supposed to freeze in june!

          Just yesterday I got out of my car and it was snowing. I don’t ever recall seeing snow past Feb in all the years I have lived. (I live in the same area I was born in).

          The signs are everywhere sticking your head in the sand won’t change what is happening!

        3. Tuesday night we had 13″ of rain in less than 12 Hrs and have had 2 Feet of water in less than 10 days. Lived in the south since the 6th Grade and I’m 49.
          The storms have become more unseasonal, more severe and have been punctuated by historically aberrant droughts. Winter storm patterns have likewise been more severe, abnormal as to type, severity and timing. A couple of winters back we got rain every day from before Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day-normally a relatively cool, but dry time of year. We have also had years with no measurable rain from April-August.
          Not sure what you are smoking-but it must be strong.

          1. Courtjester, Dude McFarland, RDF… you all have such little minds when it comes to climate change (just like Al). Its so easy to call out snow past Feb, frost on the ground in June, rain every day from before Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day…

            I can add to your pile of scary stories and I have lived in the west, south and northeastern parts of the United States (I am older that RDF).

            Did you know that in Idaho in late 1800’s to early 1900’s settlers could not grow plants because they had freezing temperatures almost every night (spring, summer and fall)? Ever eaten an Idaho potato, I understand they are grown in Idaho (this will be hard for you guys, but think about it)?

            I assure you my head is not in the sand, I don’t smoke and have listen to and studied many sides of climate change. I believe we will continue to experience climate change so hang onto your hats. We cannot effect the weather anymore that we can stops the ocean tides.

            A great man once said that we should be ware of false Prophets in the last days. Its easy to look at the past and pretend to be a Prophet. Al preached and prophesied of “Global Warming” for many years, but now the story is changing to “Climate Change”. I guess Global Warming is not working with all the weather changes. This is all smoke and mirrors for money and power. Check Al’s bank account ($100 million plus) most of it off the backs of Global Warming fear! Remember his story his all built on lies.

          2. Wow! Impressive… A whole 49 years to be able to judge the cycles and changes that the Earth goes through. The Earth, where there is not even an agreement on it’s age! Thousands, Millions or Billions of years… depending on who you ask and what “theory” they use to calculate.

            Yeah! We are going to pin point climate change and its effects!

            Al Gore FUD! He betrayed this country! He played on peoples fears (and ignorance and made a shit load of money off it!)

            I love all the “professionals” as it were be they here as faux climate change experts or be they educated NWS AMS experts and scientists of either side of the spectrum. All the way up to that King Idiot Al Gore, who I wouldn’t trust to park my car, let him tell me what is happening regarding the Earth.

            Truth is, no one and I’ll repeat, NO ONE has a definitive clue as to what the Earth has been through, going through or WILL GO THROUGH! The Earth is going to to what the Earth is going to do!

            1. “All the way up to that King Idiot Al Gore, who I wouldn’t trust to park my car, let him tell me what is happening regarding the Earth.”

              I meant, ‘All the way up to that King Idiot Al Gore, who I wouldn’t trust to park my car, let alone, him telling me what is happening regarding the Earth.’

    2. I suppose that the ocean is not actually becoming more acidic, either? Perhaps someone switched out all of the litmus paper in the world.

      The Sun certainly plays a dominant role in global climate and, yes, there have been significant climate swings in the past due to various natural factors. But do you honestly believe that human beings are having no effect on world climate? There are over six billion of us spewing pollution (some much more than others) and it is only getting worse.

  1. I like the idea of a simple platform to build a book. Isn’t that what the article was about.
    Oh No. I guess not. It’s all about how the Climate Change “Hoax” is ruining the world.

    I think the App could be pretty cool.

  2. Very very cool. I can see this approach being extremely useful for textbooks – if there is enough investment in them to take advantage of the tech. Could dramatically change the classroom experience.

  3. John Gruber:

    “… but anyone who works in UI design ought to buy this if for no other reason than to study its design.”

    An intelligent comment like that has no place here. Food Fight!!!! Flame war!!!!!!

    1. I saw the brief YouTube vid on 9to5mac.com. Agree that the UI of it is quite nice. Don’t care for the tripe its spouting. I’ll keep my 5 bucks thank you and wait for the “The Earth: Always Wins Out In The End!” version to come out.

  4. Does Al Gore’s book explain how his investments are set to make him a billionaire if enough rubes can be convinced than humans are the cause of “global warming,” er, sorry, “climate change” (name of risky scheme adjusted due to the fact that global temperatures are on the decline and have been for at least the last decade based on uncooked data) rather than Sun activity and myriad other natural processes?

    1. Where did you get your degree? JC Penny School of Science & Technology or Regent University?
      Global temps are on the rise and more unseasonal weather events and more severe seasonal events are evident all over the globe-just as predicted. The Arctic summer melt and the Greenland Ice sheet melt are actually happening at the extreme high end of modeling from a decade ago.
      This stuff is only controversial to those who make money by delaying changes to our heavy reliance upon carbon fuels and those who choose to listen to the bought and paid for Biostitutes.

        1. Empirical Evidence, like Gore’s movie? Climate Scientists lIke Al Gore told you so? I guess your sources count?

          By the way, it snowed at my house, in Washington State last weekend, and it’s now late April. Global Warming can suck it.

          1. I am glad to see that Washington State is the crucible where global warming / climate change is to be judged. That is really the lamest excuse against global warming … “gee it’s snowing out, guess they were wrong about global warming.” If that is your empirical evidence, I am so glad then you are not a scientist!

      1. Actually, the ‘melts’ have been overhyped- the Greenland glacier was supposed to have been gone by now. So much of the Global Warming/Climate Change (whatever you want to call it) is politicized to no end (Al Gore’s efforts included) and there are plenty of people who gain to make lots of $$$$ from doing so.

        There’s no doubt that the earth is warming. Question is: Why? Nobody has been able to answer that question with any amount of evidence or reason to back it up as of yet.

            1. RIght, so on which side would the prudent, conservative opinion lie? Personally, I’ll side with protecting this planet we live on before protecting ‘the economy’. We do plenty of damage to that without any help at all.

      2. Global temps on the rise? Based on what? The college professors who are caught forging data? The lies from the UN? Both groups are proven to be wrong, and yet you guys will continue the fight.
        This is only controversial to those who hate carbon fuels and have little understanding of the consequences (i.e. computer technology is build on carbon fuels).

    1. Al Gore is an entrepeneur, and was invited to join the Apple Board by Steve Jobs himself. Funny how the loudest proponents of capitalism shreik about Gore making money from his various business endeavors.
      He makes money in the free market, employs people and pays taxes. WTF is wrong with that?

    1. Many of us living close to the coasts may be jumping sharks in the next few decades… on what was once oceanfront property. Will you buy that?

      Whatever the cause – and, as noted above, the big debate is how much is human, not whether – the overwhelming, empirical, SCIENTIFIC evidence is the globe is warming. This is on a macro scale.

      At local points all over the globe, and in shorter time frames, we may observe warming or cooling, though the overall trend will be warming. This shift will cause (and, one might argue, has already started) more dramatic and violent weather events, a rise in sea level with its attendant loss of shorelines, and eventually a highly disruptive series of moves by communities being pushed out of land that will continue to flood more frequently.

      You can choose to bury your head in the ever-dampening sand, but the reality is already here and we’re already experiencing the early effects of climate change. Whether we choose collectively to address the human element of this is where we draw our lines of confrontation.

      At what point will you decide it’s time to confront the problem and find a way to work together to try to minimize the damage?

  5. Gore’s book not withstanding, this is the reader app of the future. It is right, powerful and will become pervasive. Finally. I want to see it applied to say, a Charles Dickens book, all text or perhaps a few woodcut illustrations. I think it will be just as strong.

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