Steve Jobs: Apple isn’t tracking anyone; looks forward to testifying before Congress

“Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Wednesday that the iPhone database that people have assumed was their personal information was, in fact, the relevant chunk of a global crowdsourced database that the company uses to deliver location-based information,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD. “‘We haven’t been tracking anyone,’ Jobs said in a telephone interview with Mobilized on Wednesday.”

“He said Apple looks forward to testifying before Congress and other regulatory bodies and said the company will do what it can to clarify things further,” Fried reports. “‘I think Apple will be testifying,’ Jobs said. ‘They have asked us to come and we will honor their request, of course.'”

Fried reports, “Jobs also said it will be interesting to see how aggressively the press tracks the issue and looks at what other players in the industry do. ‘Some of them don’t do what we do,’ Jobs said. ‘That’s for sure.'”

Jobs has more to say in the full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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  1. Before people get all worked up in a political lather, this is how our system is supposed to work. If people raise concerns about things, they can ask their representatives to take a look at it. This is what’s happening. It’s not a lawsuit, no one is in trouble for anything. They are simply taking a look at it.

    My guess is once the facts are revealed, people will be much more satisfied from this than from the crazy speculation that’s happening in the media. I personally am glad they’re doing this, if for no other reason so people will shut up about it.

    1. Problem is the media. They fan the flame and report inaccurate information, instead of investigation and provide informative information to the public. The situation should not have gotten this much attention because they would know that its a non-issue if they did a little research before they report. Congress did not need to get involve in something like this, they have better things to worry about. No wonder there is so much distrust with the media these days.

      1. Media hype>>>pure job security and control…create a lot of hype about an otherwise non-issue. Then bring in many “experts” to opine on the matter ad nauseum until the lemmings are frothing at the mouth. When it comes to this news style, Fox News is quite the Jedi.

            1. I guess if you don’t go to Fox News there’s just no other reasonable possibility, huh?
              Them again, maybe some of us just read rather than slobbering in front of any TV station. But then, there are fewer pretty girls in those words, so I can see why your prefer Foxy chicks.

      2. I don’t know if there is or will be a necessity for Jobs/Apple to react defensively to this congressional “interview”, but, if there is, I hope Steve will take a page out of Howard Hughes’ trip to Washington, and remember “the best defense is an offense.” Arm yourself and be prepared to fire at will.

    2. Citizens can ask their representatives to take a look at a subject, but that does not mean that they have to go off the deep end in terms of knee-jerk reactions and public statements. Nor do they have to hold a hearing of this type.

      1. What seems to have happened is that concerns were raised about some kind of tracking that people were unaware of. One of the ways that Congress finds out what is happening, is by having witnesses testify. I agrre that there are far more urgent matters for Congress to deal with.

        When Steve gets thru testifying, they will have a better understanding of how iOS devices function in that regard.

        As a result of his appearance before Congress, Apple will get lot’s of additional publicity and sell lots of iOS devices. Some of the newly attracted ownerks will be members of Congress from both major parties.

  2. Well, from what I have read from the tech. sites, etc. the usual press, it seem’s like they are trying to push another non issue to short the stock. Everyone is trying to get “checked in” and tell everyone where they are located half the time anyway. Geez, just think of al the way’s that technology can track you.

    I’m fine with what is going on. . . I bet Steve will set congress straight before this thing grows legs and runs away. Maybe some other platform will get their ass handed to them when the dust settles. . . I don’t think it will be Apple, Inc.

    I’m long on  Go Steve!

    Tell Al we know he was over at Monkey Boy’s house all last weekend.

    1. Since it was the “Gubmint” who forced the real estate industry to hand out loans to anyone who bothered to ask, in spite of their inability to qualify for said loan/credit, and the “Gubmint” who is currently trying to hand out welfare, education, health, and social security to illegals who have never paid a dime of taxes, and ship most of their earning out of the country, perhaps the idiot brainless crowd you are referring to IS the “Gubmint”

    2. Oops, posted too soon. Lets not forget the “Gubmint” fury over Apple tracking when it was THEM (the “Gubmint”) who mandated that all mobile phones must track the owner/ user positions 10 years ago. Oh, wait, we do as we say, but not as we do. Apple and Google can’t track but the Feds can cause they are smarter than you, and always know whats best! Just do as the “Gubmint” say, blind obedience isn’t gay!

      1. Right on, darknite! Don’t EVER let anyone tell you that an eighth grade education and steady diet of Fux News could ever compromise one’s intellectual ability.

        1. Why do you always manage to slip in a little dig about Fox News? What is your obsession? I don’t know if you live in your momma’s basement or what but you do seem to be coming from a dark space. Lighten up.

          By the way, since you brought the subject up, what is your level of education?

            1. You must be Thryll’s twin brother. Well at least you’re not afraid to use your Christian name.

              I think you will need to look closer to home for that disease; try looking into the mirror – seriously.

            2. I wholeheartedly agree, Johnathan. Fox News is so biased that it mainly appeals to fanboys and fangirls who like/need to have their beliefs affirmed on a regular basis. There may be some information of value on Fox News, but it is not worth digging through the dross to find the nuggets.

    1. We can only hope. Once Apple/Steve testifies, all the others will be off the hook. Its Apple that has the bullseye painted on its back, not Google, even though Google’s tracking is far more personal and invasive. Sorry, just no news, controversy, and web hits picking on Google.

  3. Reminds me of the antennagate. It’s always the media sources putting their frivolous thoughts into what is really happening. Therefore confusing the heck out of people.

    1. …or Glassgate or Optionsgate… We’ve had more gates than Microsoft.

      All you have to do is pay attention to the date of the gate. This one was… Well golly gee! The day before the earnings report! What a coinky!!!

    1. Al Franken is doing precisely what taxpayers pay him to do. And if Apple execs are smart, and I am inclined to think they are, then Apple ASKED for the issue to be aired precisely this way, in a forum that would get vast amounts of media attention and allow Steve Jobs to settle the issue. The media — and that includes scads of “tech” bloggers too lazy to do other than repeat other reports
      — have put this issue in the spotlight. With Apple’s best and brightest answering the questions, we get to hear it in their own words and have it read into the record. Precious few people on this forum have a clue what they are talking about, and I for one am thrilled that Apple is stepping up to the plate — and Franken is giving Steve the opportunity.

        1. If he is informed, reads, and knows whats going on, why did he seem so surprised that location records were being stored on the iPhone?
          Why was he shocked and outraged?
          Its been public knowledge from Apple since just after the iPhone with GPS came out, and reported on again over a year ago.
          Lets not even talk about Government mandates that all mobile phones be enabled to track the location of its owners since 2001, thats 10 YEARS!

          And about the cel providers tracking, isn’t it more extensive and detailed than Apple’s? Don’t they keep it on record for a much longer time? (I don’t know how long they are required to keep it, can’t find that answer) If everyone is SO worried about their location data, the recent Sony scandal (Where private info much more valuable than location was stolen) doesn’t exactly promote faith in the security of ANY big corporation. Apple’s collection was anon, they couldn’t identify who sent it, unlike cel providers and Android collection.

  4. Pundits and analysts are NOT going to admit they were wrong. They’ll just prevaricate by saying Apple is changing some things, thanks to them, which is of course, nonsense.

    1. Yeah, we already saw that this past week when none of the TechTard anal-ists apologized for FUDing Apple stock when in fact it turned out to be a RECORD QUARTER for Apple sales.

      Stupid says and stupid does and stupid is oblivious to their own stupidity until their face smashes into the wall. Then they blame the wall.

  5. This is so stupid. Even TV cop shows use the old ‘we can track the whereabouts of the victim/suspect via their cellphone’ storyline. I can definitely point to “Castle” since it’s about the only show I follow on a regular basis. One of the episodes even had a sub-plot of Castle tracking the whereabouts of his daughter via her cellphone! He even says “there’s an app for that!” (although I cant recall if he was actually using an iPhone in that particular episode).

    1. Its a great plot device to be sure………. Do we dare tell you that magnify and enhance where the low res security camera changes angles, zooms, pixilates, and then produces a hi-res image of the perps face is really just fictional special effects? Ooops, did I say that out loud?

      Registered mobile me users can track their phones, but for an officer or detective to get that kind of access an order from a judge would have to be issued.

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