Ottawa Hospital orders 1,800 Apple iPads to go with 500 already in use

Read more in the full article here.Apple’s revolutionary “iPads are making their way to the Ottawa Hospital to replace traditional paper medical charts,” CBC News reports. “The hospital recently ordered 1,800 of the popular devices by Apple, in addition to 500 already being used by health-care providers.”

“Staff are saying the shift to using iPads to store data electronically is putting the health facility at the forefront of North American hospitals, allowing doctors to examine X-rays, make notes and prescribe treatments while taking the X-rays along with them during patient consultations,” CBC News reports. “‘If I was at the bedside with you, I’d be able to talk about your results,’ said Dr. Glen Geiger, who now cuts down on time and massive amounts of paperwork.”

CBC News reports, “Dale Potter proposed the iPad plan at Ottawa Hospital. The products retail for around $400-600 each, but Potter said the tablets will offset costs by replacing outdated equipment, increasing productivity and reducing errors… Ottawa Hospital said that all of the new iPads will have arrived by July for use by physicians, resident physicians and pharmacists.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: RIM. Slapped in the face right in their own backyard.

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    1. Still, you have to wonder if those are sales to fill the channel as opposed to sales to customers.

      To paraphrase mark Twain: There’s lies, damn lies, and accounting.

  1. As a Canadian, I should be saddened by this but, it only makes sense to go with what will do the job best. If RIM could do better, why can’t they prove it by putting out a better product instead of that piece of sh**t they just started pounding out to the public. Go Apple! Push those bastiges hard.

  2. The Playbook is not a tablet that doctors can use to look at X-rays, and countless other things. It’s WAY too small for that so I’m sure it, and other ‘tablets’ like it, were not even a consideration.

    1. NotATablet Should your moniker read NotADoctor?

      Or if you are one, it seems you are not employed by Ottawa Hospital. After the initial rollout of 500 seems like enough doctors were impressed that they ordered 1800 more. Maybe you shouldn’t tell them what they need to do their job.

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