Apple’s cloud music service ready-to-deploy, say multiple sources

“Apple Inc has completed work on an online music storage service and is set to launch it ahead of Google Inc, whose own music efforts have stalled, according to several people familiar with both companies’ plans,” Yinka Adegoke reports for Reuters.

“Apple’s plans will allow iTunes customers to store their songs on a remote server, and then access them from wherever they have an Internet connection, said two of these people who asked not to be named as the talks are still confidential,” Adegoke reports. “The maker of the wildly popular iPhone and iPod, Apple has yet to sign any new licenses for the service and major music labels are hoping to secure deals before the service is launched, three of the sources said. Apple has not told its music partners of when it intends to introduce its music locker, they said.”

Adegoke reports, “In late 2009, Apple bought Lala, a cloud-based music company, but closed it down in April 2010, leading to speculation that it would launch an Apple-branded cloud service.”

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    1. I don’t think your reading comprehension is too good, MacBill. This is a way to keep the music you already own in the cloud therefore making it available whenever you have internet access and on whatever iOS (or other?) device you choose. This is not a case of either-or. You may continue to use Pandora to your heart’s content but still have access to your own music should you so desire.

  1. — From the resident grammar Nazi —

    Ready-to-deploy (with hyphens) would indicate some persistent quality of an object (A lightweight, ready-to-deploy parachute; an agile, mobile, ready-to-deploy workforce). In the context of the headline here, hyphens don’t belong in the phrase, which is telling us that the NC data centre is ready for deployment.

    So, now that it is ready to deploy, what exactly can we expect from it, once it is deployed?

  2. You can do this now with audio galaxy or plex to your own machines. Assuming you have a machine on all the time. I don’t know if I would trust Apple with my non-Itunes music.

    1. Same with Orb/Mycast. You can have your entire video, photo and music library online as long as you have a computer running at the other end. You never have to upload anything to start with and the library size is only limited to how big and how many hard drives you have accessible. My newest iMac has been running 24/7 for almost two years just like the G4 dualie MDD before that. I always have a home media server device running, so it not as though I need Apple’s costly solution. I guess it will be good for most users, though. Whatever Apple’s cloud solution, I just hope its 10X better than what Amazon is offering. At least Apple’s cloud solution will be tailored strictly for Apple devices so hardware integration should be a plus.

  3. Articles about Amazon’s cloud outage are hitting the web…. I surely hope Apple gets this right.. It pains me to see bad press for my side… I don’t use Mobile Me at present, but I might go for the music streaming if it comes to be…

  4. Congregation, I can testify that today it was shear HELL trying to get anything done on the iTunes store. Considering Apple’s work on enabling their new music service, I’d say they’re in the midst of a Version 1.0 Syndrome transition nightmare. Hopefully it will be brief and not as deleterious as their change over from .Mac to MobileMe, which dragged on for months.

    I think I’ll stock up on aspirin. 😕

  5. Not one question was asked at the quarterly report about the BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM. It is nolonger “on schedule”. So, when …. What are you going to do with it?

    How can these clowns estimate Apple’s stock valve when they haven’t a clue what Apple is about to do next!

  6. Steve Jobs said, “People would rather own their music”. He said this back when people were trying to supplant iTunes with subscription services. He was right then and I don’t see why they would want to rent their own thru a locker service. Why depend on the vagaries of wifi and 3G connections when it is already easy to carry all your tunes with you. I just don’t get it. Where is the demand for this? Where is the money in it?

    1. Not sure about you but I can not carry my whole collection with me. I also have 5 people in my family using my iTunes server. This would be great, wish they would let you serve up movies too.

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