Report: Apple to trot out white iPhone 4 after 10-month delay

“Apple Inc. will begin selling a white model of the iPhone 4 in the next few weeks after a 10- month delay, according to three people familiar with the plans”,” Tim Culpan, Adam Satariano and Greg Bensinger report for Bloomberg.

“The new version will be available from AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless by the end of April, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public,” Culpan, Satariano and Bensinger report. “The release was stalled as Apple resolved manufacturing challenges, including paint that peeled under heat, one person said.”

Culpan, Satariano and Bensinger report, “Adding a white model to the black-only lineup may help spur demand before Apple can release the next generation of its top- selling product. Apple, the world’s largest technology company by market capitalization, isn’t planning to unveil a new iPhone at its June developers’ conference, the occasion for previous launches, two people familiar with the matter said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, in case you were wondering, ludicrous ineptitude in the tech world isn’t just sequestered in Redmond. And, anyone who waited this long for a white iPhone 4 ought to be attended to by the men in white coats. 😉

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  1. Off topic kinda here..
    When the white iPad 2 was announced, i showed my mother the pictures of it. she immediately changed her mind, and wanted a White iPad 2 instead of black.
    I advised her that the white iPhone 4 still hadn’t shipped… and explained to her that she may have a long wait ahead of her if she chose white.

    Ordered same time, her white iPad 2 got here 2 weeks before my black..

    I love the Black iPhone/iPad myself. the white does look good, but i prefer black.
    Oh… putting the clear shield on a white iPad screen… was much harder to see any bubbles. but it could have been the lighting.

  2. Well first of all MDN, this is a RUMOR not a report. Second, your continued assertion that the failure of this phone to come to market is the result of ‘ludicrous ineptitude’ is getting old… really, really old. Considering that you still have yet to rerelease your iPhone/iPad apps, and that stories appearing in your rss feed sidebar take at times hours to get reposted to your main page, only to be appended with thanks to a reader for the heads up, puts you in a pretty big glass house from which you should cease throwing stones.

      1. To be honest, it’s not an attack, I’m just trying to point out that things sometimes take way longer than they should.

        I generally love MDN, but they shouldn’t be afraid of receiving a little criticism when they deal plenty of it out. I guess we’ll see, but I will be screen capping this just in case.

    1. Who needs a native MDN app? Just view the MDN web page in Safari in its mobile layout (as a web app), when using an iPhone. I think it works and looks better than the previous native app.

      1. Well, that’s not really the point. I mean, you could just as easily say “who needs a white iPhone, the black one works just as well”, and you’d be right. The point, however is that SteveJack and MDN have just descended on this like flying monkey horde from The Wizard of Oz. They continue to assume ‘facts’ not in evidence.

        The whole white iPhone thing likely revolved around the expectation from the engineering unit that the issue was easily solvable. This turned out not to be the case, and while embarrassing, it is hardly the result of “ludicrous ineptitude’ as MDN asserts.

        I use the MDN app as a parallel to illustrate how a company can make a promise based on expectations, only to have unforeseen realities step in and cause delays no one could have anticipated.

      2. On the iPad, it’s NO problem.

        On the iPhone… You CAN’T log in unless you turn the mobile site off, log in, THEN turn mobile site back on.
        I want the app back to show me new articles with badges again.

    2. In their defense, they haven’t promised it numerous times and then said “whoops, it’ll be out in a few months,” which is what Apple has done with the white iPhone.

      1. True, but they did promise it, and let’s get real for a minute, designing an iOS app based on a website is infinitely simpler than designing a price of hardware like the iPhone.

        Again, just drawing parallels to hopefully help the folks that run this fine site find some perspective.

  3. Is it really really possible those of us who have been waiting for the white version will finally be able to make a magical, hopefully not mythical purchase?? Version 4 or 5 makes no difference; just bring it out Apple!!

  4. umm… it’s a subversive statement to the “White Man”, that his day in the sun is done and he will forever more be late to the party.

    Black is the new paradigm.

    Peeling white paint = disenfranchisement of the working class…. umm… Hello?

    just sayin’!

  5. yes the white iP4 was an Ooooopsie moment for Apple but…..
    I think it is a good thing that Apple didn’t ship a fubar product, no matter how bad they look.
    Is the lust for a white iP4 so great that people would settle for a product that doesn’t meet Apple standards?
    Shiiping a flawed product, Pfffff that’s what M$ does. Not Apple

  6. Bloomberg’s credibility is questionable but maybe Apple’s trying out a limited run just to gauge demand and satisfaction after all this time, before committing to white again for the upcoming iphone 5.

  7. I think this ties into the story from a few days ago, about the Clorox employees overwhelmingly choosing iPhone, when given an choice between iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Apple sent the first batch of white iPhones to Clorox.

    I think it’s a smart move, if true. It will boost sales a bit during the quarter before the new model. But somehow, I don’t think the white iPhone option will happen until iPhone 5.

    1. I’m not sure if this means the white iPhone is to keep sales going until the late arrival of iPhone 5, or if iPhone 5 is coming in June after all, and available in both black and white.

      (I personally would actually buy the Bondi Blue one!)

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