First screenshots of Apple’s revolutionary Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X made a big splash at NAB 2011 last night, “as Apple showed off the latest version of the video application,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“While the company wouldn’t give much information about the other apps in the suite — Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro — Apple did tell The Loop to ‘stay tuned,'” Dalrymple reports. “Final Cut Pro X will be sold in the Mac App Store in June and will cost $299.”

MacDailyNews Take: That price is ridiculously low for what the product offers.

Dalrymple reports, “Final Cut Pro X included some new features like background rendering, color management, and a ‘magnetic timeline’ that allows clips to be moved in the timeline without displacing other clips.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. $299 will be a winner if the rest of the suit is modular and reasonably priced. Price aside, native editing capability will be a godsend which will tempt everyone working in HD and who wants to work faster.

  2. Avidobe – just shat themselves.

    There’s a lot a ridiculous talk comparing iMovie to FCPx and how unPro that it is. BS, this was only a sneak peek.

    Every Mac ships with iMovie, young kid learns to make movies on iMovie than makes a simple move up to FCPx. Simple in terms of learing curve and simple in terms of pricing too.

    Avidobe won’t get a look in.

    The think about FCPx is that the interface looks so fresh and alive. Ignore the knee-jerk-reaction jerks this software is pro level it just made a load of complicated tasks look utterly trivial.

    More to come….

  3. Am I the only one worried that they seem to have removed the viewer window from the interface? I fear that in making FCP more user friendly they risk alienating the professionals who depend on certain industry standards. It looks pretty, though. Here’s hoping it delivers.

  4. So I call up Apple, and they tell me that this new software will not run on my machines. Dell brand computers are known industry wide for their quality and ability to handle all this High… Definition video stuff. Apple is making a HUGE mistake not hoisting the Final Cut flag up the Dell flagpole. I give it… oh… six months before they pull it from the market.

  5. @Miles
    They have removed the need for the viewer window. As you scrub or preview a clip the main window displays the content. Look for all sorts of customizable features, they did mention that it works on dual monitor setups so I am sure we are going to be able to tear off windows.

    1. There will probably be a transition period when cards and plug-ins will be updated to support the new Final Cut. In the meantime I am sure many editors will be sticking to the more familiar Final Cut Pro they use today.

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