Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 SP1 with Apple Sync support for Outlook

“Microsoft on Tuesday released Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1, bringing security and maintenance updates to the suite of applications, as well as support for Apple Sync services with Outlook,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider. “Service Pack 1 is now available for download for owners of Office for Mac 2011. It is a 246MB file available direct from Microsoft, and requires that users be running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.”

Lane reports, “Last week, Microsoft detailed new features of Service Pack 1, particularly the ability to sync calendar, tasks and notes via Apple’s Sync services. Now, users can sync their Outlook calendar and other data with their iPhone or iPad.”

“However, Apple plans to discontinue the use of Mac OS X Sync Services with its subscription MobileMe service on May 5 for all users. The change is already in place for users who moved their account to the new version of MobileMe calendar, which came out of beta last October,” Lane reports. “For Outlook for Mac 2011 users who sync their iOS device with Sync Services via iTunes, calendars will remain up to date. But users who sync their iPhone or iPad calendars with MobileMe will not have them synced to Outlook 2011 with SP1.”

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  1. Been µ$oft-free ever since X 10.1- before that was actually still using Word 5.1a with 9.2.2, but I’m sure there are others here who have remained unencumbered for longer. The freedom is real.

  2. Well – for one that does use the disaster of a product from the get go – I can actually report they have finally fixed (sorry – re-introduced) all the failing from Ent2008 – Out2011. Why we had to have an upgrade in the first place that actually removed features is beyond me. Anyway – it does indeed now sync and among the other not directly reported fixes/re-additions (quietly put back):

    1. Re-Send ability has been re-added.
    2. Re-Direct has been re-added.
    3. Progress bar has been re-added to the bottom of the main window.
    4. Drag and Dropping a folder to the desktop now archives to an mbox.

    Including the sync-ing, why these simple things were removed I don’t know but that is typical Microsoft. I suppose having phoned / emailed and posted about it many a time they did listen in the end (and I am sure I was not the only one).

    Anyway – it is fast and now is almost where we were with Entourage 2008. If they would just add back in the “getting mail in x minutes” on the bottom so you actually know your send and received schedule is active we would be all good.

    Just my 2c anyway.

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