RUMOR: Apple to release iOS 4.3.2 within next two weeks

Apple “is working on another iOS 4.3.x release: iOS 4.3.2,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR, citing “one of our Apple ninjas.”

“It’s said to include a few enhancements, address security issues, and it will also fix several bugs that have affected users,” Geller reports.

Expect iOS 4.3.2 to be released “in about two weeks,” Geller reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Seriously…Where the F- is the verizon iphone update? Are the phones really that different or is this some BS agreement between apple and AT&T that allows them to get all the updates first and in return, they were able to produce a verizon iphone (ending the exclusive deal early???)

      Makes me a little skeptical that when the next iphone comes out, it’ll first be AT&T only and then some time later a verizon version will be available.

    2. The next iPhone update will probably ship in AT&T and Verizon flavors at launch, like the iPad 2. As to updates not coming for the VZ iPhone 4, the last incremental updates very likely just brought the AT&T phone up to Verizon’s level. I imagine the next one will be universal. But I sympathize with you VZ update waiters. I love opening the app store to see that some updates are available. It’s like my birthday everyday!

    1. Just an occasional stutter since 4.3. Also one in awhile Camera Roll sections rolls under the header and you can’t tap it. That’s about it for me. Everything else is good. Battery life is just insanely great on this.

  1. finally – access to the entire internet? digital freedom? harness the joy of creating and sharing information you want?
    introducing flash for iPhone? or are we destined to live in a hand-held world of corporate orwellian censorship? what a sad broken dream apple has become.

    1. Hey, Digital Troll… please give ONE working example of Flash NOT sucking on mobile devices before you accuse Apple of “orwellian (sic) censorship”. Even the Xoom (which has it as a touted feature) has not been able to make it work properly (according to most unbiased reviews).

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