Logitech teams with ZAGG to deliver new iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Logitech today unveiled the Logitech Keyboard Case, delivering type-and-go convenience for your iPad 2. Smart and sleek, Logitech’s first offering designed especially for tablets provides an extra measure of convenience and style, wherever you take your iPad 2.

The Logitech Keyboard Case is made of precision-cut aircraft-grade aluminum and features military-grade, high-density padding. The protective case wraps around the iPad 2 to cover the screen and sides. So you can go from FaceTime to e-mail in no time, the Logitech Keyboard Case offers a flexible, folding hinge, which makes it easy to place your iPad 2 in either portrait or landscape mode.

And for your convenience, the Logitech Keyboard Case uses Bluetooth connectivity to pair the included wireless keyboard quickly and easily and the keyboard charges over USB, so you never need to worry about replacing batteries.

The Logitech Keyboard Case has been developed in partnership with ZAGG, a market leader in providing innovative mobile device accessories. The two companies have entered into an agreement that provides Logitech with exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the ZAGGmate case design for the iPad2 and other tablets.

“The Logitech Keyboard Case combines style and function in one great package,” said Azmat Ali, Logitech senior director for tablet products, in the press release. “This is the first of several products we plan to introduce this year designed specifically to enhance the way people create, consume and communicate using their tablet.”

The Logitech Keyboard Case is expected to be available in the U.S. in April 2011 for a suggested retail price of US$99.99.

More info: ZAGGMate Keyboard Case for iPad 2

Source: Logitech


  1. I got the ZAGGmate for my old iPad and it does what they said it would do. I would rather leave the iPad in my old leather cover I got for it and use one of Apple’s wireless keyboards with the iPad. I see Apple lists the iPad in the Minimum System Requirements now. I will have to try it with one of my spare keyboards soon.

  2. Yeah, why does a company have a big honken flash chunk on their front page?? I have no flash intalled, only through chrome so a big ugly message comes up in safari and ff4 o mac. And the link to the new keyboard is maimed, as it says take a look but goes nowhere (like the quality of their products? like dell flimsy cheapo plastic) Tried the link first in chrome, then safari, then ff4 on mac – and then on winsloth blista – i guess javascript:void(0) is just that – void in this case 🙁

  3. It really is a gem of rig. Much smaller than a netbook. Much nicer to the touch. The whole setup would be perfect if you could put the keyboard on the back of the iPad when you don’t need it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit because of the curve of the back of the iPad. Also, it would be nice if there was a word processing app on the iPad that could handle Word’s “track changes”.

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