Survey: Nearly 9 out of 10 Android developers believe fragmentation is a problem

“According to Baird analyst William Powers, roughly 87% of Android developers believe that fragmentation is a problem for the Android platform. 57% feel Android’s fragmentation problem is either ‘huge’ or ‘meaningful,’ and about 30% agree that it is a problem to a lesser degree,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

Google’s “recent decision to provide limited early access to upcoming Android builds for partners whose plans for the software are approved by Google suggests that the company views fragmentation as more of a problem than it might convey publicly,” Epstein reports.

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Electronista reports, “Many also found iOS easier to code for than Android, and thought it was considerably easier to get app exposure and proper pay on iOS than on Android. There were a large number of ‘junk’ apps making it harder to be seen.”

“Hardware OEMs have often thrived on Android fragmentation since they believe it helps them arbitrarily differentiate their phones, but the policy has usually led to months long delays for updates and, in some cases, completely orphaned products like the Galaxy Tab that won’t get an update beyond what first shipped,” Electronista reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Ryan H.” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. ‘Nearly 9 out of 10 Android developers believe fragmentation is a problem’

    which means that

    6 out of 7 Dwarfs waiting for an unfragmented Android phone are not Happy.

  2. > roughly 87% of Android developers believe that fragmentation is a problem for the Android platform.

    The remaining 13% of “Android developers” in the survey were actually robot designers.

  3. you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    just wait until the OEM’s beging to “fork” Android with non-Google versions, to try to offer premium branded products with decent profit margins and customer loyalty. the new Amazon app store makes this possible. bet we see it before the end of this year.

  4. And iOS just got fragmented with iOS 4.3x lmao

    welcome to the club fanboys! Google ain’t alone… as Apple just joined the Fragmentation world!

    Greetings ALL! 🙂

    1. We iPhone users get our updates in a timely manner. We’re not held hostage by OEM’s and carriers while we wait on Gingerbread, Cupcake, Frosted Flakes, Pigs in a Blanket or whatever fandroid updates are called these days…..

  5. There is no problem with fragmentation on the android platform. There is no Android platform. It is designed to be fragmented. When coparing iOS to Android, we are comparing a sophisticated operating system to a programming language. IOs is a cross platform (iPhone, iPod, iPad,Apple TV and increasingly Macintosh) operating system. Android is a starting off point for a Galaxy Tab or Samsung smart phone or Thunderbolt or Droid, etc. Even interoperability within a companies panoply of devices is lacking. The press loves to say that Android has surpassed iOS, but that fails to take into account all of the iOS devices out there, the profitability of iOS vs Android and the basic fact that Android is not the comparator. Each individual device that has it’s own completed operating system is the apple to Apple comparator. That just doesn’t make good press. It is like Microsoft vs app,e days when they included microsoft operating system ports to cash registers and factory Automator controls to Apple computers. Time to compare completed operating systems to completed operating systems not completed operating systems to completed programming languages.

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