Leaks point to Windows 8 getting ‘immersive’ tablet UI, dock

“Microsoft’s aim to get a tablet-optimized UI in Windows 8 was supported on Friday by registry key discoveries in a milestone build. Repeated references exist to an ‘Immersive’ shell that would launch on top of Windows,” Electronista reports.

“GeekSmack’s screenshots also make mentions of a docking system that would couch apps and an ‘Immersive browser’ that would be more than just what’s seen today,” Electronista reports. “What Immersive and the dock would entail aren’t evident.”

MacDailyNews Take: The misery of it all makes you want to jump off a dock and drown?

Electronista reports, “Clues have already emerged that it would use some cues from the Metro interface in Windows Phone 7. It’s possible the docking may relate to the taskbar much like Windows 7, where an app icon can be both a launcher and a status window.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Oh the excitement is building for a new microsoft OS that mimics and finally competes with the Apple product. You know, just the way it did for Vista.

    1. Nah all the current Windows versions (XP, Vista and 7) are based on the NT Kernel.

      You can pull a command prompt up that runs the NT command interpreter and many of the commands are direct copies of the old DOS commands, but its not DOS, not in the classic MS-DOS sense.

          1. Can’t help themselves?
            About what?

            I don’t have zealot glasses bro. I use and own computers running Windows, OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

            I don’t find one better than the others , they just each have areas where they each shine brighter, or tasks that one or the other may handle better.

            I am not a rabid Apple fan and I am not a rabid Windows or Linux fan either. I’m more of a ‘computer’ advocate in general with no real brand loyalty. Just give me a tool that gets what I need done in the best way possible. I don’t care who makes it.

            There are things in OS X I wish Windows did, and things in Windows that I wish OS X did, that is my feeling as a user of both operating systems.

      1. Correct, except win2k was the start.
        Win 98 was last windows os to have dos.

        But talk about a direct copy of osx.
        Next we will see a copy of code that says “apple” right in it. Just like androids code.

        1. I mean currently supported OSes from MS, the ones you can get patches and updates for.

          I think Windows ME was the last DOS based version of Windows (if you remember that utter failure 🙂

  2. From where I sit the only thing ‘immersive’ about Windows 8 will be the feeling that you’re somehow immersed in the brown stuff ala Zune when using it.

    I can’t believe Ballmer hasn’t an ounce of imaginative thinking in his brain, churning out derivative, copy cat stuff long after the original mould from which the idea was stolen has passed its launch date.

    By the time Windows 8 is shoehorned to fit into tablets, Microsoft will be so far behind the ball that it will struggle to gain acceptance in the tablet space, much like the lukewarm reception Windows Phone 7 is receiving now.

    It used to be that MS could rely on its monopoly power to sell rubbish to consumers but those days are long gone. The pity of it is that Ballmer is still dreaming of vistas stuck in the rolling fields of the Eighties.

    It’s time the fat boy woke up and smelled the roses. MS is an organization that’s forgotten how to innovate but much more importantly has lost the drive and energy to be at the forefront of technology.

  3. MacDailyNews Take: “The misery of it all makes you want to jump off a dock and drown.”

    My dock has too many apps on it for me to stand on. 😉

  4. This is going to be so awesome! Suck it MAC lemmings!

    Microsoft doesn’t have to rely on marketing shenanigans or RDF like MAC does to hide all the of flaws in their wannabe Windows products. If this genuinely leaked information is true it’s over for I-Pad.

    1. Ok….. I’ll take the bait :o)

      Zune does make a good point in the difference between Apple and MS…..

      At least Apple cares enough to hide any (if there are some) flaws…. Microsoft has certainly gotten to a point where so much is wrong, it would be stupid to try to hide flaws…..

      Microsoft only has 2 flaws anyways….. Ballmer…. and EVERYONE knows it would be hard to hide him…. and Windows…. that like I said is so flawed, its flawless.

    2. ok, I’ll reply in kind.

      Zune Ponce, I like your ineffable style, too long have we gone without your insightful commentary on such things as “my mom loves me, because my pinhead got squeezed out quick” and the timeless “my farts make more sense”

      Love, love your work. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Two thoughts come quickly to mind:

    1. It sounds like MS has come up with another lame catch word for its products. Remember ‘Dynamic’ in the 90s (Dynamic Data Exchange), which became ‘Active’ (ActiveX and Active Directory), and, most recently, ‘Live’ (as in Office, et al)? Now it’s going to be ‘Immersive’.

    2. Another shell on top of the bloated and distended Windows shell? Which is probably still secretly running on top of DOS.

  6. “registry key”
    Whatttttttt!!!!! still using the registry helllll!!!!!
    OMG, I’m a windows programmer and you can’t just possibly imagine how hard is to handle installation because of the registry problems and mess.
    How can they still using the registry?

    1. Without the registry, it wouldn’t be Windows!

      Besides, I still need to be able to print from my 1985 dot matrix printer. And what about all my peripherals and proprietary software that require parallel and serial ports?

      Microsoft simply can’t expect me to upgrade my hardware can they?
      That’d be downright draconian!

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