Apple makes roadkill of deer-in-the-headlights CEOs

“Although Acer ex-CEO and president Gianfranco Lanci and the company’s board members’ inability to reach a consensus was the main reason for the CEO’s resignation, the strong impact from Apple’s products is the other key reason for Lanci leaving the company, according to sources from notebook makers, who added that in addition to Acer, Nokia’s ex-CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and LG Electronics’ ex-CEO Nam Yong both stepped down because of their inability to defend their companies from Apple’s fierce competition,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that the appearance of Apple’s iPad significantly impacted the netbook market in 2010 and messed up Acer’s lineup for the entry-level notebook market, causing the company to see almost no growth in shipments,” Chen and Tsai report. “As for Acer’s smartphone business, since the business is currently still facing losses, Acer is still incapable of competing against other first-tier smartphone brands, especially Apple, the sources noted.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a big club: The Federation of the Flummoxed.

Chen and Tsai reports, “Since first-tier smartphone and PC brands are still unable to find an effective strategy to counter Apple’s advance with Lanci the most recent victim of Apple’s assault, the sources believe executives of brand vendors such as Motorola, Sony, Toshiba, Asustek Computer and Lenovo are all in danger of being dragged off by the wave.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t even need to type it.


    1. Bloodbath it is!

      But I feel some empathy for the ex-CEO’s. It must suck to be doing well, “innovating” and getting rewarded for it, everything is great, oh look a nice looking apple, that is what I need right now, I think I will have a, er … wholly shit! The apple has a ninja sword! Omg, ….. ahhhh!!!! GGgggrlrlgllllrlgl.


    1. Of course they’re toast. You need imagination and intellect to think outside the box. Most of these guys don’t have the common sense possessed by a crowbar.

        1. Exactly, it was a BOD that originally ousted Steve Jobs if I remember. What a stupid mistake that was. Cost them 400+ million and almost losing the company to get him back too.

  1. I think that most CEOs got their positions through sheer luck, deviousness and brown nosing. There are very few truly smart people in the world and we have so many “F student” CEOs.

    1. And by being tall.

      The Harvard Biz Review found that the single most common trait among CEOs around the world was above average height. More common than gender, experience, education, beliefs, race, anything. Height.

      It’s amazing that the human race hasn’t yet obliterated itself.

        1. Yes, that’s it! Classify most CEOs as part of a vestigial lizard brain subset (and I do mean SUB) of the Homo Sapien species – with S. Jobs being an extreme anomaly. Of course.

        2. Well…we weren’t inferior for millions of years of evolution. Looking for strong traits like height or attractiveness worked until now. If you’re facing a deadly predator or a horde of enemies you need a leader who is strong physically so the tallness thing makes sense. It might take quite some time before we evolve again to see the sense in a CEO being smarter then he is physically fit.

          I think we’re already seeing this to some extent. A lot of people find geeks sexy now, I think that must be evolution in action. Some how we as a species are starting to see smart as more preferable to physical ability.

          1. Like I said, Lizard Brains. It would seem that BODs share that with CEOs. I guess it’s true that stupidity has a nasty habit of getting its way.

  2. Yes, they are ALL “being dragged off by the wave.” The Apple tsunami wave is overwhelming market after market. I see several years of this with more markets to come with few survivors that were once giants fighting for the scraps Apple does not want (at this time).

  3. It’s telling that in the past week, we have seen outrageous FUD coming from the mouths of executives of companies like Dell, HP and Microsoft against the iPad. I don’t smell hubris so much as I smell fear. I think we will find that Apple is becoming accepted in more large corporations than we might know. The stalwarts who have gotten fat and happy suckling on the corporate IT trough are shocked. This was not part of the script. The old WinTel dualopoly is showing signs of rust. And it’s freaking out the status quo.

    In past years, the spoonfed IT and geek media would have taken the PR FUD directive in lock-step. Not any more. While the outrageous comments voiced the other day by a Dell executive got press, before every article ended, the reporter questioned the validity of their claims. In fact, the claims themselves became a story that got in the cross hairs of the media for critical scrutiny.

    Things have changed. And the Old Guard haven’t a clue on how best to respond. Can you say, “deer in the headlights” boys and girls?

  4. See the last paragraph of this piece:

    “Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell, which have strong bases in the enterprise market, are monitoring the tablet PC market closely and are not in a hurry launch their tablet PCs, noted the sources, adding that due to the limitations of its hardware platform and operating system, iPad is currently still unable to grab any large market share from the enterprise market; therefore allowing notebook vendors a place to earn profits.”

    In other words, for HP and Dell, sitting still is a strategy.

    1. What?!?! You didn’t hear that HP is going to aggressively synergize with channel partners!?!?

      Not just sitting still, my friend. They are going to redouble what they are currently doing.

  5. Add Schmidt the creepy cheat and backstabber to the list. Don’t let Android market share fool you. Google loses the shirt on each Android copy it gives away. Mobile ads revenue is still peanut compared to the money spent on development and support.

  6. Total System Integration:

    Competitors did NOT see this coming from Apple because they were so convinced they would always advance using their existing methods which relied on Microsoft.

    So if MS was late or didn’t support hardware advances or did not do it well, the Apple competitors were routinely screwed.

    Who will come up with a totally integrated solution to compete with Apple? Well, uh. All the hardware makers are totally held hostage to Microsoft.

    Until a company like HP or Dell take Linux and supports it for major corporate use with the level of commitment Apple has done, my minority opinion is the days of “Windows PC dominance” are in decline.

    1. Short….2 the point… And for the record… I agree totally.

      However, I do not think that Apple has any chance to gain any significant marketshare in the mobile phone space. Right?

      I ponder that statement in the most profound way to this day….
      I’m FLUMMOXED….as to the STUPIDITY of this statement.

    1. No, not a lack of clairvoyance—a lack of imaginaton, a lack of creativity, a lack of even the desire to improve anything except the bottom line.

    2. All it took was a serious look at what Steve Jobs did at Next starting with BSD Unix and the programming tools which came to Apple to see what the OS was going to bring, to the already shipped mobile market that started with the Newton (which started with Apple’s work with prior to NeXT with the ARM chips).

      That was followed by Quicktime, sound advances & basic applications & utilities starting to set up a total digital ecosystem of software and hardware to run it.

      ALL of those advances were in place before the year 2000.

      Hence, I stand on the record, stating flatly that the features announced by Apple gave fair warning to anyone who would look with a large picture at what was happening with Apple’s aquisitions and internal development.

  7. How can they compete? They were making the same old crap year after year until the iPhone and iPad came along, and that’s all they know how to do!

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