Microsoft chief strategy officer unsure if Apple iPad is here to stay

Asher Moses reports for The Sydney Morning Herald, “As virtually the entire consumer electronics industry throws its weight behind tablet computers, Microsoft’s global chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said today that he did not know whether the booming new category was here to stay.”

MacDailyNews Take: The perfect man for the job.

Moses continues, “Speaking at a lunch held in Sydney by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), Mundie, who reports directly to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, said he did not know whether tablets like the iPad would ‘remain with us or not.'”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s okay, neither does Ballmer.

Moses continues, “Mundie’s views diverge from that of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who believes tablets form an integral part of the ‘post-PC’ era… Microsoft has consistently criticised tablets for lacking traditional PC features like keyboards. Ballmer has previously said the iPad was just a new type of PC form factor.”

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s see, should we listen to the guy who “doesn’t know” who’s with a company that, after a decade of trying, has sold fewer tablets than Apple lost in shipping during the last year, or should we listen to the guy who showed the world how to correctly do the personal computer, the modern OS, CG feature films, the personal media player, the smartphone, and the tablet, among other things? Tough choice.

Moses continues, “Microsoft founder Bill Gates attempted to kick-start the tablet revolution over a decade ago when the company supported a range of laptop-like devices with screens that could swivel to become tablets, operated by a stylus. However, these types of tablets never took off and it took Apple’s iPad to bring the technology to the masses. Now, tablets are the fastest-growing category of computers but it is largely a two-horse race between Apple and Google’s Android.”

MacDailyNews Take: Mundie’s brand of stupidity must be contagious. Asher, if tablets are largely “a two-horse race between Apple and Google’s Android,” then Apple is a Triple Crown winner and Google’s Android just dropped to the ground, a newly-born illegal clone created from Apple’s DNA, struggling to stand up on wobbly legs. Some “two-horse race.”

Moses continues, “Several Windows 7-based tablets have been announced – Acer launched two in Australia today – but these have been heavily criticised because they do not offer a more modern touch-friendly interface, instead attempting to shoe-horn the regular desktop version of Windows into a tablet form factor.”

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  1. Yeah… But…. But.. But….. I can still get a netbook for under $499.00 and it’s just as good….. Right? GMAFB!!!

    Just when I pondered Microdog could not become any more CLUELESS!!! UN F kn BELEIVABLE!

  2. “Two-horse race?” Android’s not even a horse, it’s a freakin’ jackass – just like Mundi. I love these tech execs trying to downplay iPad’s impact to cover up their own incompetence. They’re not only late to the game, they’re playing the wrong game. iPad is playing the user experience game, while Android is going after specs. In the meantime, iPad’s selling out stadiums all over the world while Android’s got a few fans in the seats at the local field house and even those fans are leaving after the first quarter after they realize how bad their team sucks. The only game Android is playing with Apple is the ass kicking game and we all know who’s winning.

    1. It’s not just tech execs, but the entire news media is intent on telling people there is a booming new tablet sector, when in fact it is one product from one company, and they just can’t bear to say that. The Android tablets are less than a rounding error, and if tech patents have any meaning at all, Android devices will cease to exist.

  3. Mundie said he did not know whether tablets like the iPad would ‘remain with us or not. I mean, they don’t even come with a stylus, or a keyboard, or a mouse, or a CD-Drive, or anti-virus software partners. I dislike Apple’s strategy. I dislike it a lot.’”

  4. iPad is “here to stay.” The competing tablets will come and go. Many will not even “arrive” before being canceled.

    But if you’re talking about 10 years from now, Apple may have the “next big thing” by that time. The first iPod was released almost 10 years ago. That first iPod is barely recognizable compared to an iPod touch, and a tiny iPod nano can hold more songs in a fraction of the original’s chunky volume and weight. Just ten years… Imagine what an “iPad” 10 years from now will be like, compared to today’s “archaic” models… probably barely recognizable.

          1. And the kids these days just don’t know the proper way to cut a reed to make a stylus. Why, when I was young, we even had to grow our own reeds. There was none of this gettin’ a stylus from the Amazons…

    1. “Microsoft has consistently criticised tablets for lacking traditional PC features like keyboards”

      If only the iPad was able to use a Bluetooth keyboa . . . never mind.

  5. Why don’t these guys STFU? Instead of people questioning their incompetence all they do is reinforce it. Until anyone of them can put on sale a “game changing” contender, they should just keep their mouths shut. Show us, don’t tell us!

  6. Does anyone know of a new iPad2 YouTube Hitler rant?

    Those skits are some of the most, hilarious, imaginative and creative I have seen in a while.

    Gene!!!!! YOU IMBICILE!!!! YOU SAID THERE WOULD NOT BE LONG LINES FOR iPad2!!!!! WHAT DO I PAY YOU FOR???!!! APPLE can’t make iPad2s FAST ENOUGH!!!! DO SOMETHING!!! A bomb scare!!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! That may just work!!!!


    Must WE put up with YELLOW JOURNALISM?

  7. Gee, for about 10 years, MS has been trying to get tablet computers off the ground. Someone else comes along and shows them how it is done, and now they question whether tablets have a future?

    Un-freakin believable!!!

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