RUMOR: Apple to release iPhone 5 this October rather than June

“Rather than issue a new fifth-generation iPhone this summer as usual, Apple may instead release an iPhone 5 this October or even later, slipping into the company’s 2012 fiscal year,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “Citing sources in the Chinese supply chain, reported Monday (via Google Translate) that Apple is not yet ordering components for its fifth-generation iPhone.”

“Monday’s report indicated that Apple plans to ship the new iPhone in the ‘first half’ of fiscal 2012,” Marsal reports. “However, it is unlikely that Apple would wait until calendar 2012 to release the iPhone 5 and miss out on the strong holiday buying season.”

Marsal reports, “The report said that Apple, for now, is focused on acquiring new customers for its CDMA handset, which launched in February on the Verizon network in the U.S. The CDMA iPhone 4 uses a different wireless radio than the original GSM-based model, and opens opportunities for new carrier partners for Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Frankly, as Day One iPhone buyers for all models of iPhone, we can wait for iPhone 5. iPhone 4 is pretty much the perfect device for us already and our new MacBook Airs and iPad 2s and, hopefully (come on Thunderbolt) our new iMacs will keep us plenty busy until (and past when) iPhone 5 appears.


    1. If you’re limping along on the 3G you should just upgrade now to the iPhone 4. You’re obviously out of contract. The 4 is a HUGE improvement in the 3G.

      If you then decide you must have the iPhone 5 whenever it ships you can surely sell your still very new iPhone 4 to subsidize the ETF on the iPhone 4.

  1. Rumors are all over the place at the moment. A lot of FUD going around.
    Still I would be bummed if I had to wait till Sept for the new iPhone. My wife (she broke her iP3) and daughter (new first iPhone) ended up with new iPhone4 but I will have to wait until the new version comes out.
    Having to slum it with a 3GS will be annoying.
    I would think Apple would try to keep to the yearly update schedule. The timing is great since the initial rush is finished before holiday season and stocks can be ramped by for Christmas. Launching in Sept means both are occurring at the same time.
    Including the new A5 processor and graphics should provide enough incentive for the new model. Hopefully the iPad 2 demand won’t limit availability for the iPhone 5.

    1. This is exactly the reason why Apple NEEDS to mix up their launch date for the iPhone…so people don’t put off purchases for half a year (or longer) to wait for the “next best thing”. If you need it…buy it now! If you don’t…then wait…patiently!

      1. Cleetus – there are 3 types of Apple consumers
        1. The first adopters who get every new device
        2. The regular Apple fan who buys Apple hardware when they can.
        3. The standard consumer who buys products when they are mainstream.

        I’m part of 2). I buy Apple products when I can afford it. I will often wait when I think it is a good deal. For example when the iPod came out I waited until the price went down and storage went up. That took 2 years and I got the 3G iPod.
        Same deal for the MacMini, AppleTV 2, several laptops. Also I waited for the iPhone 3GS because it gave me the storage (32GB), GPS, speed and screen quality I wanted for the price I could afford.
        So I know about patience – believe me.

        Now please read the third paragraph in my original comment. Apple get a great sale through in June by releasing the iPhone then. It doesn’t disrupt ramp up for Xmas and they get significant press coverage at a slow time for sales.
        If the hardware is ready (A5 chip and graphics) then it makes sense to keep to the usual schedule. Most iPhone buyers do not follow Apple news close enough to know a new phone is on the way. Apple still sold many phones before the iPhone 4 was released. Apple did not comment on much hold off in sales for the earlier quarter.

  2. Just a rumor, but it would make sense on two levels:

    1) It would give Apple a chance to unify its GSM/CDMA/LTE iPhone lineup (and without alienating customers like me that just bought our first CDMA iPhone).

    2) It would allow Thunderbolt to mature a bit more and become the first device that has astounding upload/download speeds.

  3. So we basically have one group of ANALysts who are trying to push AAPL stocks down (aka with this article) and then the other ones who are trying to boost it back up(see other articles boasting about AAPL recently)

  4. The reasoning makes no sense whatsoever. Apple is concentrating on acquiring customers for its CDMA iPhone rather than designing and developing the iPhone 5? There’s not really much different between the phones that would cause a significant delay in design/production.

    Plus, the CDMA iPhone 4 is designed and released. That doesn’t affect design for the iPhone 5, unless the CDMA iPhone 4 took resources away from iPhone 5 development (not likely).

    Just a bunch of FUD. Could be misinformation by Apple to keep people from probing too hard for iPhone 5 specs, spy shots, etc. though.

  5. Actually, a cold call from Optus yesterday, checking on the quality of their network coverage in my suburb, said that they hope to have improved their network in time for the iPhone 5 in July 2011.

  6. I also agree that this is FUD. They said the same things about iPad 2 not launching in Q1 and in fact it did. Where are all those FUDsters now that said the iPad2 would be delayed?

    As for iOS5? Some people are saying thats delayed because they wont chat about it until June. Oh really? Why does apple need to chat about it when it doesnt usually come out until the next gen iphone comes out. AS in every year the new version doesnt come out until the new version of iPhone. So with that they can announce the new iPhone 5 right along with new iOS.

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