Apple iPad 2 sells out across Australia

“Just two days after Apple launched the iPad 2 in Australia, official Apple stores and resellers across the country are sold out and many don’t know when they’ll receive more stock, leaving hundreds of customers disappointed,” Patrick Stafford reports for SmartCompany.

“Queues at Apple Stores reached into the hundreds on Friday afternoon, with some waiting for over one day to get their hands on the iPad 2,” Stafford reports. “Apple stores in Sydney and Melbourne drew crowds of hundreds, while resellers also drew large crowds. There have been reports of hundreds waiting outside Next Byte, JB Hi-Fi and Myer stores.”

“These resellers have already begun to sell out. Apple Stores in Sydney and Melbourne have sold out completely on the weekend, with some selling out of the white versions of the device as early as Friday afternoon, shortly after launch,” Stafford reports. “Stock disappeared although Apple was limiting iPads to just two per customer and some resellers were encouraging those in queues to buy just one iPad each.”

Stafford reports, “But the demand isn’t limited to just Australia. The gadget launched in 25 countries last Friday and already stock has begun to sell out in London, according to various reports. Resellers including John Lewis are completely sold out.”

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            1. Educated guess, No official date yet, but:
              Historically it’s usually a Tuesday or a Wednesday.
              2008-Wed April 23rd.
              2009- Wed April 22nd.
              2010- Tue April 20th.

              In retrospect, probably Wed April 20th.

  1. IPad continues to dazzle and change the world literally.

    Since Friday’s worldwide release, sellout crowds worldwide are depleting inventories everywhere. Expect huge numbers to be released come earnings time in a few weeks.

  2. If they want to slow down the sales, they need to say “Android Equipped”, otherwise, Apple is just going to sell everything! Oh NOOOO. What shall the competition do? Oh yes, hire a couple dozen people to wait in lines then once their tablets are bought, refund the money behind the store.

  3. I like how the reporter turned it into a negative, as always with the FUD dominated press. “…leaving hundreds of customers disappointed.”
    Instead of “…delighting many hundreds – the lucky ones that had the persistence and foresight to be in line.”

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