Real Racing 2 HD for iPad first to feature 1080p video out, dual displays (with video)

With full support for high-definition, 1080p output – a first for any iOS game – in the next major update, Real Racing 2 HD (US$9.99) is an excellent title in which to see the full potential of Apple’s latest hardware.

Relish crisp, gorgeous graphics at full screen 1080p, running at rock-solid frame rates, with an unbeatable hands-on, precision control method that’ll have your console green with envy. Real time telemetry puts your iPad 2’s display to work while your big screen takes care of the track-side action.

Relish exceptional, luscious graphics that push the iPad to its limits, and take full advantage of the iPad 2’s enhanced hardware.

• 30 licensed cars from real-world manufacturers. 15 stunning locations. Regular updates supply a stream of new events, improvements and features.
• Over 10 hours of Cup, Head to Head, Championship, Time Trial and Elimination races await your expert skills.
• Take the wheel as your iPad becomes the ultimate racing implement. Come to grips with unerring handling on iPad 2, thanks to full gyroscope support.
• Compete over local Wi-Fi or online with players of Real Racing 2 HD and Real Racing 2, and experience pioneering 16-player online multiplayer.
• Track your progress against the world’s top racers using Game Center and Firemint’s Cloudcell technology. Record and upload videos of your best to YouTube for max kudos.
• Upload and download your save games between Real Racing 2 HD and Real Racing so your progress is always synced.

IGN has heralded Real Racing 2 HD as “the best racing game for the iPad”, and Real Racing 2 on iPhone has received numerous accolades, including two Game of the Year awards from Pocket Gamer and perfect scores from Slide To Play, Macworld, Touch Arcade and CNET.

More info and download link for Real Racing 2 HD via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another example of why it’s not smart to waste money on a pretend iPad.

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  1. Question: Why can’t my new iPad 2 just be my Apple TV too? Why do I need a separate device? Can’t I just have a dock that sits near my TV, I dock my iPad on it and it works like an Apple TV?

    1. @JB,

      There’s really not much stopping you. With the iPad 2 and an HDMI cable, you’ve got pretty much everything the Apple TV has (and more). The biggest thing you’re missing though is remote control and push to the device as opposed to pulling.

      Really thought the Apple TV is only $99. Why not just go with that and use your iOS devices to push and control.

  2. Amazing. So I guess it doesn’t have to be “what you see on the iPad screen is what you see on the HDTV”; this is just like a Mac with an external display (that is NOT mirroring).

    I want a round “steering wheel” accessory that you snap the iPad into… It can pass through dock connection, out the back (at the center of the “wheel”) to get the cable out of the way. Maybe it can even have working “paddle-shifter” controls. 🙂

    1. Yes, this is *not* mirroring, that is why HDMI cable out put is available for iPad 1 and iPhone 4, too (mirroring is only for iPad 2).

      This is just game using HDMI output. They could make RR2HD to do it on iPad 1, but with just 720p and lower quality textures/frame rates. But this would still work.

      Yet, of course, iPad 2 is many times faster.

    2. Or, how about a steering wheel with a base that is an upside-down T-shape that you can sit on and hold between your legs.

      Then add USB pedal controls that sit on the floor, or better still, that hang off the foot rest of your LazyBoy! Kick back in your comfy chair and drive like nobody’s business.

  3. I’m just about the start this one, having just finished the very excellent but too short Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and currently playing the so-so Drift Mania. Sadly, iPad 1 and ancient TV will prevent me from enjoying the big-screen goodness. =(

  4. i will wait… until this thing goes refurb… it doesn’t hurt to wait a this time. we can only hope ‘thunderbolt’ somehow becomes available on this thing… and even slightly better resolution (its already very good.).

  5. the huge question is how will all the other major game franchises take advantage of this?? full game view HD on the TV, with the control panel/UI on the iPad.

    heck, for exapmple imagine a Star Trek game – all the Enterprise controls on the bridge were touch surfaces anyway, and they had that big viewscreen in front of them to “see” space outside. you can essentially replicate that exactly with this setup.

    the mind boggles.

    1. Interface multiple iPad 2’s for RPGs. Your iPad shows what you see where you are looking, as well as displaying special messages, stats, etc. Would have been great for AD&D in the old days…

  6. Are you insane? This is not impressive at all! This is the same Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 1, just with anti-aliasing and a few more polygons.

    The best is yet to come (or so I hope)

  7. oh, and then, add Game Center for multi player action. each with a different control screen for Science, Navigation, and Weapons? you get the idea …

    where will this lead?

  8. Even though I really love Realracing HD, it just can’t touch Sword&Sworcery EP or Galaxy on Fire 2. On a related note, Realracing would be so much more awesome, if one could destroy the competitors cars…and I mean really demolish.

  9. I play RR2HD all the time and it satiates my need to take my Porsche to the track as often. Lots cheaper to play RR2HD!

    Tine, the reason the program doesn’t do a demolition derby is because it’s designed to simulate racing, not crashing or wrecking cars. You’re onto something though. The creators of RR2HD should come out with a destruction derby app. They’d make a bunch of money with it for sure!

  10. If you are bored while on business out of town, you could hook it up to your hotel TV. I can say I’ve played more games on my iPhone and now my iPad than I ever did on my PS3. This is a perfect solution for people who, like myself, may occasionally want to play a game on a big screen.

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